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Anima mundi


Anima Mundi is a family owned and operated business. Anima Mundi seeks to bring together traditional medication and plant-based remedies to provide a grassroots healthcare solution. Drawing on the knowledge that the owner as acquired over the years, including tribal rainforest practices, Ayurveda, Chinese-Daoist Medicine and European alchemy, the products feature an array of herbs from across the globe. They believe that in doing so, they’re maintaining something sacred and meaningful in our lives: access to our past.

Adrina began the brand with a clear mission: connecting traditional remedies from Central and South America to modern-day ailments and imbalances. Since then, they have experienced sustainable growth with their apothecary now stocking more than 200 herbs sourced from all over the globe. Anima Mundi values eco-friendly development in both their harvasting practices and in their corporate policies. Aditionally, they invest in educating local farmers on how to employ ethical fair trade practices so that people of all backgrounds can benefit from these natural remedies.

Anima mundi

The Founder of Anima Mundi:

Adrina Ayales is the founder of Anima Mundi, she is also a herbalist, medicine maker and an educator. Ever since Adrina was a child, she has had the ability to intuitively see energies. At first she found it overwhelming, but over time she learned to harnass this energie and transform it into a healing art which she used to help others. Adrina her studies have taken her from Central and South America’s tribal herbalism, through Western and European herbalism, right up to clinical practice in Berkeley CA and NYC.

Furthermore, her wider interests include astrology, cosmology, consciousness and medical astrology – all of which she studied at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Through organic agriculture and wildcrafted goods, Adriana wanted to create a business that would not only provide pure and powerful healthcare, but also preserve indigenous lands and their local economies. Adriana founded Anima Mundi with the aim of providing a natural medicinal herb line based on native traditions and ancient formulations. 

The Products of Anima Mundi:

Their Apothecary consists of organic, wildcrafted and ethically grown botanicals. Anima Mundi strives to source unadulterated, pristine and wholesome medicines for mind, body and soul. In making vibrant and medicinally potent remedies, Anima Mundi honors harmony and ancient formulations that have been backed by anecdotal and traditional evidence for centuries. Their products are made with certified organic herbs, wild harvested plants from a vegan and gluten free kitchen, never containing fillers, binders or flow agents. 


Anima Mundi is a unique and inspiring brand. With their wide range of products they have something for everyone. Plus, their commitment to sustainability makes them an even more attractive choice. Discover what this wonderful brand has to offer today!

anima mundi

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