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Underlying all we do in the making and outreach of our “Products with a Presence”,
is our belief that a true measure for happiness and success in life is living naturally,
with a depth of caring expressed by treating ourselves, others and our Earth with loving kindness
in the understanding that we are all one. With that awareness, it is natural to graciously give to ourselves,
others and our Earth with gratitude and without condition.



herb-infused oilAll of Om Pur’s oil-based products begin with a distinctive herb-infused oil as a key ingredient. Prepared in a cold process, the herbs and oils are carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits for skin and their health values for the body and mind. Each herb oil is keyed to the purpose and activity of each individual product.

The herbs infused into the base oils are kept at a low, warm temperature (90-95°F) for 14 to 30 days. Each working day, they are lovingly blessed and attended to. Our aqueous herb extracts are prepared with similar care and distinction and are uniquely extracted into pure, organic aloe vera juice. Aloe, which is high in superconducting ormus, activates the extraction process and enhances the finished extract, resulting in greater than usual benefits.


Om Pur’s products are packaged in recyclable glass.
Some products that are used in showers or bath are packaged in high-quality recyclable PET plastic bottles and jars to prevent breakage.

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