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Alive & Ageless Skincare

Om Pur skincare products have been formulated and manufactured by ISUN VISIONS, LLC, creators of ISUN Alive & Ageless Skincare. ISUN skincare was designed for the spa industry for both back bar treatment use and spa retail sales, and is positioned to service high-end spas and resorts in a global market.


Om Pur is a less complex, mirrored version of ISUN with essential use products designed specifically for a retail consumer market and home use. The products and suggested skin-specific regimes, are created to provide complete, yet more user friendly skincare routines. With fewer skus, lower price points and products that are easier to understand and use, Om Pur is perfectly positioned for retail consumer sales.

The fundamental principles and intention behind the creation of Om Pur is the same as it is for ISUN. The primary focus extends beyond great skincare to overall wellbeing as the symbiotic relationship of wellbeing and skincare use is brought to light in our educational outreach. The underlying message is about our connection with living nature via the harmonious exchange of nutrients that feed our skin and subsequently, our bodies. The deeper message is about our relationship in oneness with the light (biophotons), that exists within all livings things and how that relates to our total wellbeing and holds the potential of fostering a more loving and peaceful earth sanctuary for all humanity and all life.

As with ISUN, Om Pur products include only the purest, safest, highest nutrient and energetic values of living wildcrafted and organic ingredients that are kept lively and active with our cold processing and energy techniques employed in our manufacturing processes. The pure essential oil aromas are not only chosen for their therapeutic values for each individual product, they are also present for their emotional and mental wellbeing attributes and overall balancing benefits for body, mind and spirit. A healthy, glowing outward expression of radiance as seen in the skin is symbolic of the deeper and true intention behind the brand.

Warmest Wishes & Gratitude ~

Bunnie Gulick / Founder, CEO

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