HOW YOGA CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER (+ a special Christmas offer)


Before you start reading…

take a moment to tune in and ask yourself:

How do you feel?

What do you long for most at the moment?

What’s your biggest struggle right now – be it emotionally, mentally or physically?

Take note, write it down…

Now: Why am I asking you this and why is this relevant for your yoga practice?

Because yoga is more than a workout – it was actually never intended to be just physical movement or a lovely stretch in the evening.

Yoga is a practice and a science that is closely connected with Ayurveda and that sees you as a whole. It’s a practice that encompasses body, mind and spirit. It’s a practice that is here to make your life better, to help you thrive, and ultimately find self-realization.

For a lot of us, yoga – properly and systematically structured – can be a powerful tool to help us create the positive changes we desire & deal with what we’re struggling with in a more easeful way.

And this is where your personal needs come in: You have to know where you’re at, you have to know what your struggling with, to be able to choose the right yoga practice.

Let me give you some every-day examples:

  • When you feel constantly stressed and always “on”, a calming practice is the right thing to look for: forward folds and some twists, paired with calming breathing techniques and meditations that give you a sense of mental stillness.
  • When, on the other hand, you feel low in energy or lethargic, an energizing and uplifting practice would be appropriate. You’d look for back bends and laterals, and breathing techniques that literally fill you with energy and work nicely stimulating on your nervous system.
  • When you deal with anxiety or feel ungrounded – as it might happen in uncertain times like these – you’d choose a practice that helps you get back into your body and that gives you a sense of stability and connectedness to the Earth.

You see: A well-structured yoga practice is always systematic and never just a few poses randomly thrown together. It always comes with an intention at its core: a certain energy or quality, ideally based on your needs. This sets the tone for the whole practice and everything in it – postures, breath work, meditation – is connected along this golden threat.

An individually-made, personal yoga practice takes your unique combination of needs and current life circumstances into account, something that pre-made,

pre-recorded or randomly taken classes can never fully do. That’s why personal practices are so powerful in helping you live a better life.

Have you ever experienced a yoga sequence that was made especially for you?

If you got curious: I’m happy to offer a 15-min free chat to tell you more about it or start exploring a personal practice for you.

Christmas Special 1

In the run up to Christmas I’m also offering a personal practice package for a super special & auspicious price: 108€.

What you get:
  • 1h chat + assessment of your needs/what’s going on in your life including Ayurvedic and energetic knowledge
  • personal yoga practice (postures, breath work + meditation) sequenced individually for you based on what you need
  • live class via Zoom that will be recorded so you can practice on your own
  • 1 check-in chat whenever you need it
  • optional: regular check-ins and additional life classes to make it stick *not included in the package*

Please reach out with any questions! I’m happy to offer a 15 min chat so you can see if this is the right thing for you. All I can say from my personal experience: This is a gift to yourself or someone else that will positively radiate out into life.

Much love,


Last Minute Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers

Don’t know about you, but I’m definitely a last-minute person and would’ve loved some good ideas so many times! Last Minute Gift Ideas that are useful, sustainable & beautiful.
Here comes a list for the yoga lovers, and the best thing about it: the gifts are so good, they won’t even notice they’re last-minute!
  1. book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
    A must-read when you’re serious about yoga & its mysteries – 13€
  2. meditation cushion or bolster to sit comfortable + upright in breath work and meditation
    I recommend the Yoga Bolster Restorative (I have it in size S) from Lotuscrafts which you can use as a prop for certain yoga poses, too. Something I use every single day. – 30€-60€
  3. a personal practice, designed especially for the yoga lover you gift it to
    This is a truly special gift and something that will radiate out way beyond Christmas. The way it works: Based on an assessment of what she/he needs, I structure a complete class (postures, breath work + meditation) that will help that person create the change she/he desires & deal their struggles from a more easeful place. – 108€ = special & auspicious Christmas deal.
    Get in touch with me for this one (contact details below).

    By the way: I create personal practices for myself regularly, based on my current needs.

  4. A gift voucher to either use for a private yoga class or small group classes live on Zoom
    You choose 9€ (= single class), 27€ (= special x-mas deal for 4 classes), 54€ (= 1 private class) or whatever special amount you like to gift! Let me know and I’ll create a voucher for you.
  5. Essential Oils that help you ground & get into a more meditative state like Vetiver & Frankincense.

    Vetiver is my absolute favourite oil to ground. It’s stabilizing, grounding, calming and deeply restorative: “Very few remedies, aromatic or otherwise, exert the same depth of restorative action as vetiver.” ~ Peter Homes, Aromatica.

    Frankincense is great for meditation and for revitalizing perception.

    Frankincense Essential Oil is a fortifying tonic. Cross-culturally and trans-historically, the aroma of Frankincense is “life”: Fusions of Frankincense have anointed newborns, meditating monks, third-eye chakras, yogis, and shamans. – 20-30€

Contact details:

email: [email protected]

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