From Vine to Face: red grapes + über antioxidant resveratrol

WHAT IS RESVERATROL (BESIDES A TONGUE TWISTER)Resveratrol is a natural polyphenolic plant compound most abundant in the skin of red Grapes. It’s a Sun seeker’s best friend with antioxidant efficiency far higher than Vitamin C and E.

AND… HOW DO WE GET IT OUT OF THE GRAPES?We create our Resveratrol rich whole plant extract by sun-infusing whole bunches of semi fermented, air cured red Grapes into Demeter biodynamic Olive oil to slowly release all bioactive compounds. Resveratrol freely dissolves into oil and Olive oil has shown to have the highest solubilisation capacity for Resveratrol – those two are literally made for each other.

There’s a synergistic dance happening between the Grapes and Olive oil during those 6 months in the Sun, transforming what once was two separate ingredients into a complex, bioactive whole plant extract of anti-oxidant potency and beautiful raisin fragrance reminiscent of late Summer days, hay, and sun-ripened fruit.

WHAT SCIENCE SAYS ABOUT RESVERATROLThere are studies that show Resveratrol found in Grape skins supports heart health in reducing inflammation, lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL LDL or, and preventing blood clots from forming. Because it prevents nerve damage and insulin resistance, Resveratrol is looked at as a possible components to treat Alzheimer and Diabetes.

IN RED VINO VERITASAnd of course, there’s the legendary ‘French Paradox’, showing that people in France, despite their high consumption of saturated fats, have less heart diseases in comparison to people in other countries. This phenomenon is explained by the increased consumption of red wine as a source of resveratrol. Works for me as an excuse for that daily glass of red – just make sure you go for natural wine, fermented with whole bunches and plenty of skin contact.

NATURE KNOWS WHAT’S GOOD FOR US (AND WHEN)Grapes are a superfood, and I love them, especially when they’re in season. I absolutely believe Nature makes them available to us in early Autumn for a reason: to help our body repair and recover from the overload of Summer sun.

THE SKIN BENEFITS OF RESVERATROLOn the skin, Resveratrol rich Grape skin extract slows photoageing, preserves collagen, enhances + maintains hydration, stimulates cellular renewal, evens skin tone, reduces pigmentation, fights acne, heals wounds, treats acne, psoriasis and eczema, and prevents formation of scar tissue.

It’s a wonderful ingredient to add before, during and after Summer: In Spring to condition and fortifying the skin for Summer, in Summer to protect and prevent damage, in Autumn to repair and restore.

Sunshine sings!


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