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Easiest way to Prevent Cavities - Nadine Artemis - Living Libations

Did you know that good nutrition is the #1 way to improve oral health?
In cultures where processed foods are not consumed, cavities are virtually nonexistent. In this video, holistic dental care expert Nadine Artemis reveals 3 crucial aspects of natural dental care, including how to use natural remedies like nutrition to completely change the delicate ecosystem of your mouth.

You will learn

– Why your teeth are actually “alive”

– What processed foods do to your teeth, gums, and saliva

– How to create an alkaline ecosystem in your mouth

– Which foods to avoid to prevent cavities

– How to prevent bacteria from entering the gums

– How to strengthen and protect teeth enamel

……….  and all without visiting the dentist!

Nadine Artemis


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Step out of the endless loop of plaque, bad breath, cleanings, and scrapings and embrace beneficial botanicals for pearly teeth and kissable breath. Say hello to a happy, fresh oral ecology and so long to tartar, plaque, stains, and less than fresh breath!

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