Create your own Spa at home and feel like a Queen!

How long has it been since you last took a shower and thought of nothing? How long has it been since you had an uninterrupted shower? And how long has it been since you were able to stand under the water without organising everything you need to do during the day? How long has it been since you decided to take some time for yourself and actually did it?

All you have to do to create your own spa at home and simply take a few minutes for yourself every day.

At ALQVIMIA, we believe that the most radiant natural beauty, as we told you earlier, is a reflection of each person’s well-being. Beauty is well-being and well-being is balance, harmony, spirituality and all this transcends and is reflected in the outside of each person.

A ritual inspired by the beauty salves of the ancient queens of Egypt.
Create your own spa at home with our range of Queen of Egypt products, inspired by the beauty salvations of the ancient queens of Egypt, has a great beauty enhancing power that keeps the skin young and radiant and gives a sense of femininity and charm. In addition, this beauty ritual is made with Dead Sea Salt and Dead Sea Mud and contains exotic fragrances and gentle nuances of frankincense and myrrh to enhance your self-esteem and inner strength.


We suggest you create a simple ritual to start your day each morning with a few minutes of peace and tranquillity. It is the best way to align and renew your energy:

Get in the shower and let the water run over you. Try to breathe four times from your belly. Think of a baby’s breathing when it sleeps and try to imitate it. Look up and feel the water. Take another breath. When you feel relaxed, take the Queen of Egypt Bath Gel and gently lather your entire body. When you are done, let the water wash away any remaining gel but without rushing.
When you get out of the shower, gently rub the Queen of Hungary Water body toner all over your body.
After the toner, apply the Queen of Egypt Body Elixir with a gentle upward massage: start at your feet, work up along your legs, stroke your hips and finish with your arms and hands. Don’t rush, give yourself as much time as you need (the same amount of time you would spend doing this with someone you love).
When you’re done, spray Queen of Egypt Eau de Toilette all over your body and finish with your hair.
It would also be a great way to give yourself some quality time, if you could dedicate an hour a day each week to a relaxing bath to soak in for a while.

Because you deserve it, don’t you think?

There is nothing more important than feeling good inside, feeling balanced, having a calm, serenity, feeling that you are where you need to be and that transformative power that the Queen of Egypt Range has that will benefit you in three essential dimensions: physical, energetic and spiritual.

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