GETTING BRACES – Heavy Metal or Harmonized Health

GETTING BRACES - Heavy Metal or Harmonized-Health

If you were like most North American teens, around age 12, you were marched into an orthodontist’s office, and after a few hours of fitting, gluing and tapping you walked out with a mouth full of metal brackets, braces, wires and bands to straighten your teeth. Perhaps even a few of your permanent teeth were […]

5 Steps to Banish Acne

5 Steps to Banish Acne - Nadine Artemis

Diet, Hormones and Acne! Oh my. Acne. If you have it, you want it gone. Hormones, digestion and modern skin care are the cause of most acne problems. Fortunately, there 5 easy steps that you can take to get your skin smooth and healthy again. 1. Introduce fermented foods and probiotics into your diet A […]

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby!

Nadine Artemis - Living Libations

There are numerous hitches in trying to recreate a plant oil in a lab. The fragrant oils distilled from plants, called secondary metabolites, are part of a plant’s defense system against pests, predators, microbes, sunburn, and drought. They are also part of the plant’s reproductive system used to lure in friendly pollinators. These plant mechanisms […]

Lovely Lipids Getting Cellular about Cellulite

Body fat is a lovely lipid. We rely on our body fat for thermoregulation, cushioning and “filler” in the body between organs, and energy storage. Women are energy storage experts. The female body is very efficient at fat storage to sustain us and our babies through motherhood. Pregnancy and breast feeding require a massive amount […]

Culinary Use of Essential Oils

Culinary Use of Essential Oils - Living Libations - Nadine Artemis

Across Europe and India and in many cultures throughout Asia, it is a popular and ancient practice to ingest essential oils and use them internally. Doctors and other medical practitioners in those countries often prescribe the ingestion of essential oils to heal or manage health issues and to bolster immunity.

Message in a Bottle 

When I was nine years old, I travelled to Hawai’i for the first time. From the first moment on I felt deeply connected to the islands and the Aloha Spirit. Today, I teach on Hawaii’s Big Island wonderful retreats and finds the most magical hotspots to create my vibrant Aloha Essences – in attentive harmony with the […]

Being moved and keep on moving others

After having already worked creatively as an architect for renowned architectural offices in Copenhagen and Berlin, Corinna Kuhnert followed the call of her heart and made a career out of her clairvoyance and healing abilities. Since 2007 she has been working as a spiritual teacher focussing on adjustment of the heart-force, expansion and further development […]

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