Anneke, a very creative person!

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce Anneke Doeven.
Since a couple of weeks, Anneke has been working at the Dutch Health Store.
She is responsible for packing and shipping all your lovely parcels.
And she will help us to add new products to the site, including reviews…. 😉

Anneke is a very lovely lady, 58 years young with a great sense of humour.
A very creative person! One of her hobbies is creating little magic dolls.
They look so real! Her dolls appear to be little babies who could open their mouth and eyes and live.
Beautiful! If you’re curious, check her site and have look at these lovely ones.

She likes being outside, reading a book in her garden or walking with her dogs. Nature, plants, trees, how we take care of our earth, those issues are important to her.

That’s why she is the perfect lady to join our team!
So if you receive a note (or mail) signed with “ Anneke”, you know who she is.


Anneke Doeven

Anneke Doeven
Products and Services Delivery

More about our team
Check her website

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