Winter! – How does it have an effect on your skin?

Winter - How does it have an effect on your skin

Snow and ice; although everything looks fairytale-like, it can cause some problems. 
Not only for transport or construction, but also for your skin it will be a challenge.
 When the indoor heating has been literally sucking every drop of moisture from your skin, there are some solutions.
With all the cold weather nearby and perhaps winter sports in prospect, it’s useful to know which effect winter has on your skin care.

Low humidity in winter

In winter humidity is lower.
 Even a short exposure of the skin to a low humidity environment already causes a change in the condition of the skin; the amount of moisture in the skin will be reduced and fine wrinkles / facial lines will develop sooner.
 It can be difficult to keep your skin well hydrated.
 A vicious circle; irritations, flakes and sometimes even pimples can be the result of this!

Function of stratum corneum

The upper skin layer (stratum corneum) consists of dead skin cells and skin fat.
Dry skin develops when the stratum corneum is no longer able to retain moisture; it becomes more sensitive to external influences and dryness that causes wrinkles. At this point the barrier function of your skin is disturbed.

Keep your skin hydrated

Winter skin wrinklesIf you have a dry skin in winter, you can help it by using a cream (or facial oil) and, for a example, a toner and serum, specially created for your needs.

The missing skin fats are replenished, the barrier function will be restored and your skin wil better moisturised.
Be careful when using aggressive cleaners or soaps.

They will damage your skin’s barrier function, with all its consequences.

Choose the right cleanser for your skin and set the tone for the best results from your skin care regime.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and will readily soak up anything you apply to it.

How does a dehydrated skin develop?

How does a dehydrated skin developDehydrated skin can roughly have three causes:

  • evaporation in the skin is too much, so moisture doesn’t remain in the skin properly
  • the skin contains less substances that can retain water
  • transport of water from the deeper skin layers up to the superficial skin is too slow

In practice, a dehydrated skin is almost always caused by an improper use of cosmetics.

It damages the barrier function of the skin and we lose the natural moisturizing substances in our skin. Sun, air conditioning, temperature fluctuations and certain skin conditions can also cause dry skin.

A dehydrated skin (and moisturizing substances)

A dehydrated skinBut what is it exactly?

Dry skin is by definition ‘low-moisture’.
An oily skin is usually not dehydrated, but can be.
We see an oily, dehydrated skin especially in people whose skinbarrier function is disrupted.
When the skin is dehydrated, the protective barrier weakens, resulting in a break down of collagen and elastin.
Cosmetic products for oily skin that are too aggressive, but also certain medication (for example acne medicine) can cause a dry skin.

Fortunately, there are some substances that can help you to make your skin healthier and less dehydrated.
Using face mists can also help avoid a dehydrated skin.

How can you help your dehydrated skin?

We all know that drinking water is essential for our health and wellbeing. Our bodies consist of 80% water and making sure that we stay hydrated, ensures that we can live our lives best.

Hydration has a major effect on energy levels and brain function, with mild dehydration (just 1-3% of fluid loss), impairing our ability to think clearly and affecting our mood and energy levels

As well as the health benefits that drinking plenty of water can bring, it also provides us with many amazing benefits to our skin.

Making sure we get plenty of water affects our skin, hair and nails, as our cells require water to function properly.

Water is essential to maintaining optimum skin moisture and deliver essential nutrients to our cells. This helps to replenish skin tissue and increase the elasticity in our skin, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Barrier-repairing ingredients.

If you have a bad skin condition, it is most important to ensure that your skin barrier becomes stronger and healthier.
You do not only prevent your skin from losing too much moisture, you also ensure that different processes in your skin will work better.
Your skin becomes more resilient and is better protected against bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Substances that help restore your barrier function are, for example, vitamin C, D and E (these are real multitaskers).

Hydrating substances

Organic Vegan Skincare - Natural ProbioticsThere are moisturizing substances that can improve the moisture balance in the skin by binding moisture and/or preventing moisture from evaporating from the skin.
If you have a dehydrated skin, you actually need substances that ‘seal’ your skin as well as ingredients that retain the moisture as a sponge.

Our skin is oil-loving and readily absorbs oils. Facial oils are formulated to penetrate deeply carrying all the beneficial nutrients in the oils to the cells where repair and regeneration happen.

It’s important to keep your skin hydrated; to choose the right skincare products, take care of your gut (with the help of probiotics), drink enough water and eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. Supplements can also be very helpful!

Your skin reflects your inner health…. ❤️



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