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Your base makeup might be called foundation, but the true foundation of any great makeup is really good skincare.

Maybe you wear makeup every day, maybe it’s a special occasion ritual for you. Whatever the case, how you care for and prepare your skin before makeup application has a huge impact on how your makeup will look. 

Most people think moisturising is enough… or at most, a primer. But while primers fill in lines and pores so that makeup glides over and stays on your skin, they aren’t necessarily good for it. In fact, primers are a little like waterproofing your skin – like wrapping it in cling-wrap. Nothing gets in or out and your skin can’t breathe.

A far better way to treat your skin is to feed it first – to create a dewy finish that nourishes and protects the skin before your foundation goes on. This way you are strengthening the skin rather than simply covering it up.

People use primers to make makeup last longer, but if you have fed your skin well, makeup will sit just as beautifully without primer and it won’t cost your skin the ability to breathe.

VM offers a couple great options for safely and naturally priming your skin.

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  1. Our Collagen Boosting Gel is a fantastic first step, as hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates the skin, leaving your canvas glassy and smooth for later products.
  2. Follow this with N.E.O. and Rose Water
    There are a few reasons this combination works. N.E.O. is like a multi vitamin shot to the skin. Zinc from pumpkin Seed oil helps maintain collagen levels and plump the skin while Argan oil keeps the cells moist. This means the skin is dewy and has an almost sticky, supple feel that not only keeps out harmful pathogens, but allows makeup to stick well to the skin.

    Rose Water is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It balances and restores the skins pH to tighten the pores. It is also a gentle way to repair and heal skin that suffers from dermatitis, rosacea or acne.

    Mixing Rose Water and N.E.O. creates a vitamin infused emulsion. This helps N.E.O. absorb deeply into the skin, which not only keeps it from being too oily on the surface, but also allows the skin to actually benefit from the product.

    Regular use of this combination has led many people to stop wearing makeup all together; they say their skin actually looks better without it!

Sometimes, you still want to paint your face, though, so here’s how to prepare your skin for makeup:

  1. Gently cleanse your skin and follow up with the Rose Water.
    This acts almost as a second cleansing, as well as a way to calm the skin and gently tighten the pores. Spritz the face directly, or onto a cotton pad and wipe it gently across the face.
  2. Create your N.E.O. Rose Water emulsion.
    Place two drops of N.E.O. and two sprays of Rose Water in your palm. For oily or acne prone skin use an extra spray of Rose Water and for dehydrated, dry skin, an extra drop of NEO can add even deeper hydration. Really massage this in, working it into the skin and making sure the products are deeply nourishing the skin and the blood flow is activated.

After this your skin is perfectly, and naturally, primed for makeup and will be nourished on a deep level all day. Makeup will last and stay fresh and dewy, and your skin, after you remove the makeup, won’t be gasping for breath.

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