Summer kit essentials for a “Different Summer”


Summer kit essentials for a ”Different Summer”

Summer 2020 is a very different summer. The time for summer holidays is finally here but for many of us there will be no travelling this year. The covid pandemic is still out there and the summer holiday season will find many of us in a very different life phase than we initially planned. This different summer will find me in my parents’ home by the sea, working from my old computer, relaxing on the beach, reading books, practicing social distancing, watching movies, playing with my dog and cats and cooking delicious meals with fresh veggies from my mom’s garden. And of course there will be plenty of time for pampering myself and finding positive things to do in order to keep my spirit alive in all this global madness.

Especially when it comes to summer season I am very minimalistic and my summer beauty and self-care kit includes versatile products and of course the purest I can find. And I buy all my products from Dutch Health Store being a returning and devoted costumer for years now. Summer time without sunscreens cannot exist. And we all know that most conventional sunscreens are full of parabens and nasties. This is why for years now my summer all-time favorite essential is the Everybody Loves the Sunshine oil from Living Libations. This stuff is MAGICAL and protects your skin from getting burned. It is very beneficial and perfect as both face and body sunscreen. After wearing this you will have the best tan ever and your skin will be soft and smooth. A bottle of 100 ml will last you- with a daily use on both face and body- all summer since a little goes a long way. I also use this as moisturizer and as body oil. Full protection, healing ingredients, beautiful tan, smooth skin, divine smell with JUST ONE BOTTLE…and without harming our seas and oceans with all kind of nasty ingredients we carry on our bodies.

If summer holidays would have a scent that would definitely be the scent of coconut. And if summer would have a picture that would definitely be the picture of Hawaiian beaches. And for this summer-tropical vibe, Leahlani, the Hawaiian based brand, is the QUEEN. Mahana Coco Infusion oil is simply to die for. An exquisite blend of skin softening tropical oils that can be used from head to toe. “Our Coco Infusions are an endless summer captured in a bottle” as Leahlani states and I couldn’t agree more. This oil takes you to the tropics with just one sniff and leaves your skin and hair soft as silk.  When it comes to facial cleanser Kalima Coconut Cream Cleansing Powder is the ultimate summer product. Kalima is the Hawaiian word for cream and I believe that this says it all. A sweet scent of creamy coconut, vanilla bean and citrus will make your day. This product will clean your face from any sun spots since it can be also used as a brightening mask. The smell is like fresh baked vanilla-lemon cookies. If you prefer a more “traditional” cleansing product (that also smells like the tropics!) get the Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme cleansing oil that perfectly cleanses face and eyes from make-up (you wash it off with water so no annoying cotton pads needed!) leaving skin soft and hydrated. Tropical oils, pineapple, papaya and vanilla, combine this DIVINE blend.

And what would summer be without mermaids???? Leahlani’s Mermaid Mask is a super-food for your skin. And I AM IN LOVE WITH this. When seeing it all over instagram I was quite hesitant and skeptical because we all adults know how marketing and social media work. But this mask worths all the hype. A true cult product. Hawaiian spirulina and raw honey, chlorella and circulation-boosting essential oils are combined to create this luxurious and so delicious face mask that leaves skin clean and fresh. I do my mask twice per week and it’s my happy hour.

If your skin gets dehydrated from sun exposure also try the Coconut Honey Mask from Annmarie Skincare. Coconut oil and Colorado mountain wildflower honey combined work wonders for sensitive and dehydrated skin.

When it comes to dehydrated hair from the sun exposure and salt, a gentle pure shampoo is a must have. My ALL TIME FAVORITE shampoo for damaged hair is the True Blue Spirulina Shampoo from Living Libations. Again, small bottle EXCELLENT results. I am carrying with me the 120 ml shampoo bottle but…don’t let the small bottle fool you…a little bit of that goes a LONG way…Perfect shampoo for sensitive from the sun scalp and dry hair from sea salt. Makes hair smooth and healthy. What I also love in this product is that it can be also used as a beautiful shower cream that gives you a smooth skin. I mean, this is the reason why I am truly hooked on LL products. You get a product and you have more than one.

Twice a week, I am also using oil as a deep treatment for my scalp and hair. My new favorite is the Shankara Hair and Scalp oil. Organic oils infused with Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils nourish the scalp and repair hair. Therapeutic ingredients such as Amla, Saraswati Churna, Bringraj, Gotu Kola, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Rosemary create a fabulous hair oil. If you are not familiar with this brand, please check its ethos and philosophy because its humanitarian actions are simply touching and amazing. These difficult times, finding companies that are giving back is precious and heartwarming.

I love swimming and sitting for hours on the beach. I mean…Who doesn’t??? But during summer my yoni gets sensitive because of sea salt and sand. Therefore, I always carry my yoni “medicine” with me which is the Petal Passion Yoni Serum from Living Libations. Healing ingredients such as ylang, rose otto and chamomile lubricate yoni, hydrate and soothe any sensitive area that can be inflamed or irritated. And if you have the chance to swim naked do it. And if you have the chance to sunbath your clitoris, do it. “Perineum sunning” boosts energy, improves hormone activity and increases sexual energy. Do your research and love your precious yoni. I also practice yoni steaming using the Sonia orts blends of herbs (check these fabulous multitasking herbal blends out and if a person of your heart is getting married this summer, offer her the bridal beauty blend from Sonia Orts. She will love it!!!)

Even if I love make-up when it comes to holidays, I downsize and my summer make-up bag includes some mascara, some light concealer, a lip balm, an eye pencil and a blush or bronzer. Living Libations Maiden Fern Blushing Balm made of berries and essential oils nourishes your skin and gives your cheeks a beautiful, natural glow. The balm is in a cute little pot and you can apply the product with your fingers when some extra glow is needed.  Simple, easy, pure. If you prefer the smell of chocolate, try the chocolate ruby blushing balm. And if you are looking for a Bronzer, get your hands in The Glow Bronzing Mousse from Delizioso. Beautiful ingredients such as argan oil, raspberry, watermelon oil will give your skin the best sun touched glow ever!!



Enjoy the sea, enjoy the sun, enjoy your holiday moments and stay safe

And don’t forget!… “the best is yet to come”

Much love from a tiny village by the sea full of flamingos somewhere in Mediterranean


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