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I bought a 1000 ml bottle of this over two years ago 
I invested in it after trying the trial size.
I had experimented with shampoo bars and had inconsistent results,
mostly to do with having hard water, and was fed up with having bad hair days.

I never have a bad hair day after I use this shampoo.
My hair is shiny and silky. As someone with sensitive skin and a sensitive nose, the ingredients in this are perfect. I’ve noticed in the past that certain shampoos make the patch of eczema on my chest red and flaky but I have no issue with this. I read a review where someone said they used the Shine On Hair Conditioner as a lotion and I think I will try that as soon as I get another bottle of conditioner.

I decant from the large bottle as needed into one of the trial size bottles and I’m about halfway through it. It has a beautiful golden color that makes me happy whenever I see it. I tend to experiment with new products, but I have yet to find any natural shampoo that makes my hair as shiny and clean as Seabuckthorn Shampoo. It’s something that I keep coming back to, for many reasons. The first being that I love the scent, I notice mostly mint and citrus. And I love how it lathers. To use, I double wash my scalp and condition my ends (with the matching conditioner which smells even better, and the scent lasts in my hair at least 24 hours, sometimes longer.) The result is shiny hair that moves, rather than clinging together. It’s hard to believe that I can get such a lustrous result with only shampoo and conditioner rather than a bunch of products. Having products like this that work reliably is such a blessing. A good hair day really is a confidence booster.

I also wanted to note that despite having it for such a long time, it’s still just as effective. It’s a gentle cleanser that makes a tingling sensation on the scalp. I’ve even used it as a facial cleanser and the tingly sensation is nice but not too much for sensitive skin. The only improvement I can imagine is if it was offered in a rose formulation – I imagine it would be a gorgeous red like the RoseGlow Serum. I would buy it in a heartbeat!

∼ Kate


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