Our winter to spring routine

Kahina giving beauty our winter to spring routine

Spring is here and it feels like life is – slowly – beginning to return to normal. Our skin is feeling particularly dry and in need of support after this long, hard winter. Here’s a KAHINA routine we’re loving right now to move into the new season and prepare skin for the brighter days ahead.

1. Shed dull winter layers of skin with KAHINA’s exfoliating and detoxifying Antioxidant Mask.

2. Cleanse off any residue with the KAHINA Oil Cleanser – without stripping your skin of oils.

3. Gently tone and hydrate with the KAHINA Toning Mist

4. Dab a pump or two of the KAHINA Eye Cream to the eye area to plump fine lines and wrinkles that have popped up from squinting at screens.

5. Massage 1 – 2 pumps of the KAHINA Brightening Serum into skin to even out skin tone and lighten dark spots.

6. Follow with 1 – 2 pumps of our Facial Lotion, our most moisturizing emulsion.

7. Finish with the KAHINA Restorative Serum to leave skin ultra-silky and smooth.

Bring the outdoors in. Even before the first blooms appear, get into the spirit by purchasing fresh flowers from your local farmers market. Connect to the earth and the season by planting seeds indoors. Spring Cleaning. As you clean your home for Spring, think about a deep cleanse for your face. Rid yourself of toxins and dead skin with our exfoliating Antioxidant Mask. Follow with our Kahina Double Cleanse using our Oil Cleanser and Facial Cleanser. Then spritz with our Toning Mist to balance Ph and exfoliate additionally with salicylic acid in Aspen Bark Extract. Purge beauty cabinets and drawers of unwanted and expired product. Make sure to recycle or donate unused items where possible. Extend your spring cleaning to relationships and behaviors that no longer serve you. We recommend burning some Palo Santo incense to create a ritual out of the process. After a season of hearty, rich meals, it is a good time cleanse the body, too. Eliminate unwanted sugar and refined foods from your diet. Make your own meals from whole foods, including plenty of greens to shake off the heaviness of winter. Capitalize on the extra energy and longer hours of sunlight and bring renewed passion and creativity to your work, home or projects.

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