Shape your silhouette in 3 steps



Shape your silhouette

Yes, we know, sometimes, even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, there’s a part of your body that can resist changing. That’s okay, you just need nature’s help to give it the final push. In this post we will tell you how to shape your silhouette in 3 easy steps.

The first thing you should know is that the body needs care on a physical and emotional level. That is, before starting the three steps to shape your silhouette, it is important that you make sure you have a good diet, take care of your thoughts so that they have positivity, compassion and good energy and connect with your most essential part.

Then, if you still feel that there is an area that you want to transform such as reducing the volume or fat in some areas, our silhouette range will help you. Thanks to the synergy of essential oils such as coriander, cypress, juniper, fennel, lavender, geranium, pepper, lemongrass, lemon and grapefruit that have lipolytic properties as well as vegetable oils that will help you moisturize and firm.
Silhouette range, shape your silhouette in 3 steps.

It’s simple:

1. Step 01: Use Body Sculptor Body Wash during your shower. It will help you cleanse and, through its lipo-sculpting and restructuring action, you will notice that your silhouette will lose volume as well as be hydrated.

Once or twice a week, apply Naturally Body Scrub to purify and renew through its nutshell and coconut particles. You will improve circulation, regenerate the skin and have more elasticity.

2. Step 02: After showering, rub the Queen of Hungary Water body tonic all over your body.

3. Step 03: When you get out of the shower, massage with circular movements with Body Sculptor Body Oil, formulated with raw materials of vegetable origin such as Hazelnut Oil that is firming and Wheat Germ Oil that helps to regenerate.

Performing these steps every time you take a shower will not only care for and shape your silhouette, you will also achieve moments of body-mind connection and self-care. And if there is something that really matters is how you feel inside because that is what is seen when someone looks at you from the outside.

Remember: the most important thing is inside you


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