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What’s most important to Agent Nateur? The quality and sourcing of our clinically tested and backed by science, yet safe and organic ingredients. Each and every active is of European origin and I can assure you, the price and quality is apparent.

The traditional American diet is what most impacted my endometriosis, adenomyosis, and thyroid symptoms. Once I improved my diet, connected mind, body, and soul, and stopped putting a temporary bandaid on these diseases with birth control and synthetic hormones, I began to heal. This forced me to become my own investigative journalist.

In the process, I learned how critical exceptionally grown, good-for-you ingredients are for skincare. That said, your underarms can absorb up to 90% of what’s applied. Your skin is porous. And this is why ingredients matter. We source the absolute best quality and it shows. 

Delivered with a dose of holistic education and recommendations to take away and implement into your own life, Agent Nateur is a deep dive into beauty, health and wellbeing. Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive special offers and, most importantly, all of our Agent Tips. 

 With Love & Natural Beauty,  

Jena Covello,

Founder and Creatrix of Agent Nateur

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