Stay safe and have fun in the sun!

Stay safe in the sun

ISUN SkincareThe sun is symbolic to many cultures as the source of all creation. It gives vitality to life. From trees bearing fruit, seed and bark to plants bearing flowers, leaves and roots that nourish us, to the animal kingdom and humanity… sunlight has been used throughout the evolution of humankind as a healing vehicle to maintain health and happiness.

Today, in our changing environment, we recognise that mixed with the good, there are some effects from the sun that may be harmful to our well-being. As a result, chemically based sunscreen products that have deluged the market and have been an overwhelming influence on our mindset are now shown to have serious long-term harmful effects on our bodies.

Stay safe in the sunNature has a healthy and better way of protecting us while we enjoy the benefits of well-being from the sun.

ISUN has developed a safe, natural sun care system that works in harmony with nature and supports your well-being while you’re enjoying the bliss and vitality the sun endlessly gifts us.

ISUN’s Antioxidant Sun Butter contains a moisturising blend of seed butters, coconut oil and oils infused with herbs containing powerful antioxidants and nutrients. Deeply moisturising exotic fruit oil naturally rich in antioxidants leave skin soft and glowing while providing natural UV protection with non-nano transparent Zinc Oxide.

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