LAMAV is evolving!

About Lamav wrinkle smoothing cream

LAMAV is evolving

We have been humbled by all the love and support over the last 13 years and are extremely proud to be a pioneer in the organic beauty space, having so many beautiful customers and brand partners put their trust in us to take this journey together.

We are thrilled to share an exciting new era for our brand. As some of you might have noticed LAMAV has been evolving and February 2021 will reveal a whole new look and so much more.


What’s new?

New Look.
Beautiful, contemporary new logo and packaging.

Advanced formulas and potent new bio-actives.
The formulas you love with increased potency. We have added new bio-actives, Australian Native Extracts and Ayurvedic ingredients for even better results.

Exciting new products.
We are boosting results with new products and tools.

Beauty for inside and out.
Introducing LAMAV Wellness. In September 2020 we launched our new Beauty Teas and 2021 will mark going back to our heritage to bring you a complete inner and outer beauty range and wellness education.

Easier product names.
Making organic beauty simple to use and love.

What hasn’t changed

At LAMAV, we have always been committed to building a brand with a conscience. We embrace a holistic view of health, beauty and wellbeing and it is our mission to use science to develop formulas that provide a luxurious experience and deliver optimal results for your skin. We place great weight on the importance of ethically sourcing our natural ingredients, supporting local communities and using processes that are as friendly to our bodies as they are to our environment.

Reflecting this holistic approach to health and beauty, LAMAV offers an innovative product line that has been created with deep care and consideration—for your skin, as well as the planet. And while the brand has evolved, Tarj’s vision remains steadfast—to inspire women to elevate their daily self-care ritual with skincare products that work synergistically to refresh, rejuvenate and restore balance to their skin. Because no woman should have to sacrifice her health for beauty.

About Lamav

Gentle & Clean

The foundation for healthy, clear skin for anyone with dehydrated, ageing skin.
Natural bio-actives have been carefully chosen to nourish and refine the skin and
gently remove impurities. Formulated to effectively restore the skin’s lipid barrier to reduce redness and deeply hydrate for a clearer smoother, glowing complexion.


Purify & Clean

The foundation for healthy, clear skin for anyone with oily or combination skin. Natural bio-actives have been carefully chosen to remove excess sebum and impurities. Formulated to effectively balance the skin’s microbiome to reveal a clear and bright complexion whilst minimizing the appearance of blemishes and imperfections.



Suitable for all skin types and targets fine lines, wrinkles and the visible signs of premature ageing. Natural bio-actives have been carefully chosen to help increase collagen and elastin production for firmer and radiant looking skin. Formulated to nourish the skin for visible long lasting and age-defying results..



Suitable for skin that is dull and uneven in tone. Natural bio-actives have been chosen to counter pigmentation, brighten the skin’s appearance and boost radiance. Formulated to protect against free radicals and discoloration to promote a healthy youthful glow.



Nourishing formulas provide dull or lacklustre skin with a burst of hydration—locking in moisture and stimulating cellular turnover for a renewed and revitalised complexion.



Amplify the benefits of your current skincare regime with Boosters that utilise the complete phytoactive profile of each ingredient to infuse maximum levels of skin-nourishing nutrients into your skin.

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