Imbalance of Bacteria on Skin causes Acne (And our Solution)

Imbalance of Bacteria on Skin Causes Acne (But here’s the solution)

The popular saying “healthy skin is the reflection of overall wellness” is true to its last word. Just like the gut, our skin has its ecosystem of bacteria, viruses and fungi that impacts the way our skin functions. Maintaining the right balance of good and bad bacteria on the skin is important for hydrated and plump skin. The rising pollution has made our atmosphere quite “ultra-hygienic”. It obviously has us thinking twice about our skin’s interaction with the environment and what effects it may have on it. 

To be able to tackle it, you must first understand about the human skin microbiome, acne and why it is necessary to maintain a healthy skin microbiome.

What is Skin Microbiome?

The term skin microbiome expands to a whole range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, their genes and metabolites, and also the environment surrounding them. It can be considered the control center of the skin. Present in trillions, the microscopic organisms, especially bacteria, live in various layers of our skin. 

Thus, you need to advance your understanding of the delicate balance between the host (skin) and microorganisms (microbiota). Disruptions in the balance, otherwise, on either side of the equation can cause infections or skin disorders such as acne. 

Acne and the Skin Microbiome 

Acne is a highly prevalent inflammatory skin condition that involves hair follicles and sebaceous glands. It is majorly a result of the skin microbiome in the follicle that comprises a diverse group of bacteria and microorganisms. It is suggested that the bacteria encourages sebum secretion,  inflammatory response and comedone formation, thus causing acne and pimples. 

Many people lack the knowledge about the root cause of their acne. They try to treat acne by squeezing pimples, or using a skincare routine or applying makeup, but these are only temporary solutions that hardly show results or worsen the condition. 


Why Is It Necessary to Maintain a Balanced Skin Microbiome?

It is important to focus on the health and diversity of your skin because your skin functions as an interface between the human body and the environment. It acts as a physical barrier to the invasion of foreign pathogens when it has the right mix of bad bacteria and good bacteria on skin.

When the skin is healthy and functioning, it acts as a biodynamic membrane taking decisions on what and what cannot enter the skin. A healthy skin traps moisture, keeping pollutants, irritants and other pathogens trapped out. 

Wrapping Up

The significance of healthy bacteria on skin has never been more evident in people’s lives than now. A healthy skin microbiome is the first line of defense against pathogens. It boosts the skin’s health and goes from improving our acne-fighting properties to promoting our immunity-boosting capabilities.

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