Five Essential Summer Skincare Tips



Five Essential Summer Skincare Tips

Time to load up on the SPF, grab your sunglasses and pour your umbrella drink of choice, because summer is officially here! As temperatures rise and you start spending more of your days frolicking in the sunshine, your skin will need a little extra T.L.C. to stay protected, hydrated and breakout-free. Here are our five favorite seasonal tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer long. 



The summer sun is no joke! Get into the habit of wearing sunscreen on your face and body every single day, and your skin will thank you for the rest of your life. Aim for SPF 50 and don’t forget about your hands, feet and lips. For extra protection against UV-damage, try to avoid going out in the mid-day sun and make sure to keep your favorite sun hat nearby. To help the skin bounce back from the effects of sun damage, try adding Siren Serum to your ritual. Rich in Vitamins A+C, Siren helps prevent hyperpigmentation, stimulate cellular turnover and minimize the appearance of fine lines. 


Care for Your Hair

Long days in the sun, the pool or the ocean are fabulous of course, but they can really dry out your hair! To give your hair a lustrous boost of moisture, use our Coco Infusions as a protective hair treatment mask. Simply massage 1-2tbs into dry hair from scalp to ends, and let rest for 30+ minutes before shampooing as usual.


Exfoliate Your Skin to Keep Breakouts at Bay

When our skin produces more sweat, it also produces more oil, which causes complexions to become more breakout-prone as the weather heats up. During the summer months, we love to use Kalima Cleansing Powder as a gentle exfoliating mask to help purify the pores and even skin tone. Bonus – Kalima is loaded with Vitamin C, which also helps prevent hyperpigmentation and boost collagen production. 


Body Exfoliation is Important Too!

High humidity and salty beach days mean more showers, and all that hot water can over-dry the skin. Keep those showers short, and use one of our favorite gentle exfoliation rituals to slough off dry skin and infuse the body with rich moisture. Simply blend 4-6 pumps of Garden Isle with 1/4 cup of finely ground sea salt and massage onto wet skin in the shower. 


Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Did you know that your skin is 64% water? Hydration is crucial for your skin’s overall health and vibrance all year round, but especially in hot, dry weather. Make sure that you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. To cool down your skin with an instant infusion of refreshing hydration, mist regularly with our brightening Citrus + Citrine toner

Our Summer Skincare Favorites

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