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Knowing your hair type is crucial for improving the health of your overall hair. Once you have properly determined your hair type, you can then add in the appropriate products into your hair care routine. Before getting started, it is important to remember to redetermine your hair type at least once or twice a year as our hair texture can change. It’s also important to tune into your hair daily to see what it may be needing. For instance, your oily hair can appear dry on the occasion and this is when you should go in with a different approach to counteract this. Also, if you are changing from climate to climate, your hair texture will most definitely be adjusting as well. Applying the appropriate product(s) at the right time will allow your hair to continuously thrive, allowing for healthier vibrant hair. Follow this quick guide below to help determine which hair type + texture you have.


Firstly, define your hair type. What does your hair look like naturally without any heat or styling products? There are 4 basic categories of hair types, which include:

The innate life haircare routine

 Straight (Type 1)

If your hair naturally dries straight without any bend, you have Type 1 hair.

The innate life haircare routine

Curly (Type 3)

If your hair naturally forms ringlet curls or loose curls, you have Type 3 hair.

The innate life haircare routine

Wavy (Type 2)

If your hair dries with a natural bend or wave but does not curl up, you have Type 2 hair.

The innate life haircare routine

Coily (Type 4)

If you have very tight ringlets or zig-zag looking curls, you have Type 4 hair.

STEP #2 – Hair type cont.

Within these 4 basic hair types, there are several categories within each one to help you determine your exact hair type. This is especially useful for our wavy, curly and coily hair girls because there are multiple types of waves and curls out there. Step two is to find your exact hair type. Match your hair to one of the below categories.

Image by Emily Kemp

Image by Emily Kemp

STEP #3 – Hair Texture

Now that you have found your hair type, what about your hair texture? Hair texture plays an important role when deciding on the right products for you. This will help determine how your hair reacts to products as well as how long it can hold different hairstyles. Choose from the three categories below and remember you can be a combination of them.

Fine Texture

Fine hair can oftentimes be more prone to damage than other hair types. However, people with fine hair have no trouble achieving sleek and shiny locks. When applying treatments, fine hair can oftentimes be weighed down as it is very light.

Product recommendations
For fine hair, we recommend keeping it simple with the hair products. Less is more for this hair type because fine hair is easily weighed down making it easier to appear flat. We are assuming this isn’t the look you are going for so we are sharing some product recommendations below:

Neroli Hair Primer:

Works to de-frizz and add shine. This is the only product you will need after your shower to manage your hair and achieve any desired hairstyle. This product is perfect for all our fine hair girls because it only includes lightweight hydrating ingredients. Meaning, your hair will not get weighed down but you will still be able to achieve healthy and full looking hair. This product is suitable for all hair types (ranging from 1-4C)

Herbal Hair Mask:
Having a good hair mask on hand is essential for keeping your ends hydrated. Often times people with thinner hair struggle to maintain healthy-looking ends because they stay away from oils or heavy hydrators. Our Herbal Hair Mask adds the perfect amount of hydration to the hair that actually works to strengthen and thicken the hair with each consistent use. This would be great to include every other week as a before shower treatment! As this product is buildable, it is suitable for all hair types (ranging from 1-4C)

The innate life haircare routine

Medium Texture

With medium hair, you can pretty much do anything and everything to your hair. Medium hair can hold any hairstyle and will usually react to any styling product with ease.

Product recommendations
As mentioned above, there isn’t much you cannot do with medium hair texture. However, people with this texture can oftentimes struggle with stubborn knots or frayed ends. A few suggestions to combat this include:

Leave-In Conditioner
This product will be your greatest tool for combating stubborn tangles when wet or dry. The Leave-in Conditioner adds a slippery effect to the hair that makes brushing a breeze! Not only does it detangle, but it also revives dry brittle looking locks that will be strengthened and sealed over time. This product is suitable for hair types from 2B-4C.

Rose Hair Elixir
This hair oil is a saviour for frayed ends. It is perfect for medium hair texture because it adds the perfect amount of hydration to combat frizz and mend any split or frayed ends.
Although this product can be used on all hair types, it is especially great for hair types between 2A-4C

Coarse Texture

Thick or coarse hair is another hair texture that is easy to style. This hair texture is also able to go longer in between wash days because coarse hair typically doesn’t get that oily. However, with coarse hair, you may find it is difficult to keep your hair looking hydrated 100% of the time.

Product recommendations
If this is your hair texture, you are lucky because you pretty much have free range with all products. Here are a few suggestions that work perfectly on thick or coarse hair:

Scalp Treatment
As mentioned above, coarse hair can oftentimes experience dryness as their hair can typically go longer without washes. If this is your hair texture, this is a great product to consider adding into your routine Applying this once to twice a week will add in that needed hydration and nourishment to your dry scalp. You will also see healthier and more vivacious locks because of this! This product can be used on all hair types (1-4C) However, if your hair type falls anywhere between 3A and 4C, you can use this product on repeat once to twice a week.

Heavy styling products
If you fall under the coarse hair texture, you most likely have curly hair ranging anywhere from Type 3A-4C. With that being said, your hair will require fairly heavy styling products to keep your curls intact and looking sharp. Your best bet is to opt for thick creams or styling gels to keep your curls looking fresh glossy. Our Rose Hair Elixir and Herbal Hair Mask also work exceptionally well on these hair types because they add intense definition and hydration to curly locks. Use these two together to form a thick hydrating leave-in treatment.

STEP #4 – Scalp Type

Our fourth and final tip is to pay attention to the quality of your scalp. Many people don’t take into consideration the health of their scalp when analyzing their hair type. However, your scalp is just as important and if not more, than the rest of your hair. We found not a lot of hair type guides out there included scalp types so we made sure to include it in ours! As you all know by now, the health of your scalp is a key insight into the health of your hair. For example, if you have a dry and irritated scalp, you will most likely experience dryness in the body of your hair as well.

Your scalp feels overall balanced and you don’t experience any flakes or itchy patches.

Your scalp gets greasy fairly quickly and your wash days typically don’t last longer than 1-2 days. For tips on how to extend your wash days, click here!


Your scalp oftentimes feels dry or tight. The body of your hair also appears dry and/or brittle. For dry scalps, we recommend our Normal Scalp Treatment to achieve a healthy balance of sebum production.

Your scalp is prone to dandruff and/or irritating patches. You constantly find your scalp feeling uncomfortable and itchy. If your scalp falls under this category, we would recommend our Problematic Scalp Treatment that works to combat flakes and fight off bacteria causing dandruff with antifungal properties.

The innate life haircare routine
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