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Have you ever thought about the way you wash your hair? We’ve been washing our hair our entire life so it’s not uncommon to double-think the way we’re doing it. Turns out, there are a few things that you could be doing wrong! We’ll be breaking down 5 of the most common mistakes that you could be making during your wash. Continue reading to learn more!


Washing too often

This is probably the most common and obvious hair washing mistake you could make. If you’re still washing your hair daily, it’s about time you change that! The oils on your scalp are imperative for healthy hair. If you’re washing daily, you’re stripping these oils which will lead to dry and dull-looking locks.

So here are some Tips for washing your hair less often!

  • #1 Balance Oil Production
    It may sound redundant at this point, but a healthy scalp is crucial in promoting healthy hair! When the oils on your scalp are balanced, your hair is able to last longer throughout washes.
    Washing less is our top tip for balancing oil production on your scalp as this helps keep the natural healthy oils intact as they keep the hair hydrated and lustrous. When you are washing too frequently, the natural oils are stripped and you are left with dry, brittle and dull-looking hair. No one wants that right? For a healthy balance of oil production, we would recommend washing your hair no more than 2-3 times a week. In order to help you do this, we would recommend our trusty Scalp Treatment (available in ‘Normal Scalp and Problematic Scalp). They are both formulated with an abundance of Ayuverdic herbs that deliver hair healthy ingredients and work to rebalance oil production. With this product, you do not have to be afraid of oils making your hair oilier. In fact, when you use this once a week, it works to balance the pH on your scalp and will help prolong your washes.
  • #2 Co-Wash
    If you have thick, coily, or even overly bleached hair, this tip is for you! It’s called co-washing. Haven’t heard about it? Co-washing is when you wash your hair, however, you are replacing your shampoo with conditioner. If you have thin, greasy prone hair, the thought of this may make you skeptical. However, for our thick curly-haired girls, this works wonders! Curly hair and overly bleached hair are very prone to dryness and swapping your shampoo for conditioner can solve all their hair problems. The benefit of co-washing is that you are essentially extending your wash because you are technically not ‘washing’ your hair. The conditioner will work to gently cleanse away any grime on your scalp without stripping away any naturally beneficial oils. It’s truly a genius approach to extending wash days!
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Top tips for washing less
  • #3 Dry Shampoo
    Okay, dry shampoo is your friend…if it’s natural! There are some good natural ones on the market but please be sure they are not in an aerosol can. Dry shampoo is your go-to tool for extending washes because some of them really do absorb the oils on your head! We found applying a little bit of dry shampoo before bed when your hair is beginning to look greasy (typically day 3 for us) is key to prolonging your wash. You will find by the morning a lot of the oil absorbed and you will be left with some added volume, which is always a plus!
  • #4 Don’t touch your hair
    Everyone and their mother knows this tip but it is popular for a reason! Often times we don’t even know we are touching our hair and by the end of the day, it appears a lot greasier than it was in the morning. This is because our hands carry oils even when they are clean. If you have to touch your hair to style it, be sure to wash your hands with soap right before doing so. Having your hair away from your face, either pulled back in a bun or tied back with a clip really helps with this too!
  • #5 Find your dirty hair hairstyle
    Is it grease or is it gel? No one needs to know when you are rocking a killer sleeked back ponytail. This is our go-to dirty hairstyle and we actually love it! There is something about a tight sleek back pony that makes you feel like you can conquer the world! Plus it doubles as a very inexpensive facelift. We find rocking your favourite dirty hairstyle is great for when you’ve pushed your wash days to the limits and cannot pull off one more day of dirty hair. Some other tips for your final day before washing is to throw on a cute hat to finish off the look or keep a travel size perfume in your purse to spritz on your hair throughout the day.


Washing in Hot Water

Although showering in hot water is really relaxing, it does affect the health of your hair. You don’t have to get rid of your hot showers completely, however, you will want to avoid soaking your hair in it. When it comes to hair washing time, opt for a lukewarm water temperature to avoid shocking the hair. Hot water can scald your scalp and have a negative impact on hair health and growth. Excessive exposure to hot water can weaken the hair follicles at the root, resulting in hair fall.

Shampooing Twice

Although your shampoo bottle may be suggesting to lather twice, this is not always necessary. Shampooing twice is only needed if you have excessive buildup from dry shampoo or other styling products. In that case, we suggest opting for a clarifying shampoo to get the job done the first time around. Shampooing twice will most definitely strip your hair of its’ natural oils, leading to dry and brittle hair in the long run.

Our Herbal Shampoo is the complete package and does a great job at both clarifying and hydrating. It’s formulated with dozens of plant-based botanicals and has your scalp health in mind. It actually contains similar ingredients as our Scalp Treatment, which is a powerhouse for hair growth and promoting an overall healthier scalp!

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Scratching Scalp

Washing our hair can become a tedious job and it’s often done in a rush. However, next time you’re washing, be sure you aren’t scrubbing your scalp with your nails. Instead, opt for using the tips of your fingers to lather in your shampoo. Scratching your scalp with your nails can encourage hair fall or dandruff, which are two things we don’t want! Excessive scratching with your nails can also lead to your scalp becoming vulnerable and prone to scabs, dryness and hair damage.


Skipping on Conditioner

If you think your hair doesn’t need any conditioner, think again! Conditioner is imperative to maintaining healthy and hydrated hair. It contains mucilage ingredients that soften and smoothen the hair cuticle. This allows the hair to be more easily managed by reducing the friction on each strand. This also means frizz and flyaways will be at bay. Another benefit that conditioner provides is that it replenishes the hair with moisture and nutrients that have been lost during the shampooing process.

When you learn the benefits of our Herbal Conditioner, you won’t be wanting to pass on it. It’s formulated with a blend of over 10 Ayurvedic herbs known for hair health. It also contains Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm Bark, nature’s natural hair detangler. Say hello to healthy and hydrated hair! Our conditioner is available in two formulations, ‘Thin to Normal’ and ‘Thick to Curly’.

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