Facial Cupping

facial cupping

Face Cupping

If you’re wondering what face cupping is exactly at this point, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Learn more by continuing to read.Cupping is a therapeutic method that utilizes ‘cups’, suctioned to the skin, to stimulate circulation, cell repair, detoxification, and other regenerative/healing benefits. If you’re familiar with cupping, you may be picturing some serious post-session bruises and feeling a little apprehensive about using this modality on your face. We get it! But we promise: facial cupping is an entirely different experience. In facial cupping, we glide the cups over the face and neck, or create gentle pump-and-release patterns, to ensure we’re always working lightly.

As in gua sha, when it comes to cupping, it’s appropriate to use firmer pressure, more suction, and perform deeper work on the body  – so bruising is actually a good sign here. In TCM teachings, this result points to successfully released stagnation and flowing qi.

For the face, however, we always move gently and never want to bruise or create too much suction. Remember: more pressure isn’t better!

Some valuable how-tos when it comes to appropriately utilizing this Traditional Chinese Medicine technique: 

  • Facial ‘cups’ are cone-shaped tools designed for application on the face & neck rather than the body
  • Cupping stimulates, clears and detoxifies the skin as well as the layers of fascia found underneath
  • Cupping breaks up stagnation & congestion in the tissues and stimulates healthy flow of qi & blood
  • Benefits of cupping include activating the lymphatic system and clearing waste from tissues, so it is ideal for breakout-prone skin
  • Cupping is a TCM application that dates back thousands of years 
  • When performing this ritual, always use slip, as you would with our Empress Ritual
  • Keep suction light on the face and neck. If using the tiny cup around the eyes, utilize the pump & release method as gently as possible.
  • Never keep either the larger or the tiny cup in one static place on the face – avoid bruising by keeping it moving! 
  • Glide the larger cup along the face & neck to promote drainage and alleviate sensitive skin conditions such as inflammation or acne. 

For the best results use the facial cupping set twice a week!

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