How to bring back luster to dull skin: Hydration skincare essentials


It may seem difficult to maintain healthy, hydrated skin, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can have moisturized, plump skin every day by establishing a daily routine that includes the correct skincare products and some healthy lifestyle adjustments.



At LAMAV, we believe well-being is holistic. Regardless of your skincare routine, if you don’t drink enough water and look after yourself from the inside out it will show through your skin. The first step to having healthy, hydrated skin is to drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and take supplements to support gut health.


Oil Cleansing

Exfoliants and cleansers that are too abrasive for your skin type will quickly dry up your skin, leaving it red and itchy. The most gentle and effective way to remove sunscreen and makeup without irritating the skin is to start your skincare routine with an oil wash. It’s also a perfect justification for two minutes of self-care and a facial massage!

Layering skincare

After cleansing your skin, layer hydrating skincare products on top of one another, working from the thinnest to the thickest consistency to allow your skin to absorb each layer as you go through your regimen. The final product you should apply should have the thickest consistency possible because it will seal in all of the moisturizing bio-actives you’ve just used.

Hydrating Skincare Essentials

Our ideal skincare routine to achieve hydrated skin looks like this:

If you want to increase your hydration even more and seal everything in over night, use an oil, especially if your skin is feeling particularly dry or you are finishing your nighttime ritual. Our Omega Antioxidant Oil quickly moisturizes and soothes your skin while bolstering the lipid barrier of the skin to provide long-lasting moisture.

Skip the hot shower (at least for your face)

We all love the comfort of a hot shower, however too much hot water can strip and irritate the skin. If your skin is already dry and inflamed this is a big no no! Shivering at the thought of jumping on the cold shower trend? It’s ok , we have an alternative for you! Wash your face separately using lukewarm water before or after your shower.

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