Did you know that a person is not allowed to donate blood for 48 hours after a dental cleaning.

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? Did you know that a person is not allowed to donate blood for 48 hours
after a dental cleaning because the blood is likely to be full of bacteria?

Professional dental cleanings remove tartar deposits on the teeth but cannot stop the regrowth of acid-loving bacteria. Nor will a cleaning strengthen or protect teeth. After a deep scaling by a hygienist, oral bacteria are dislodged and flow into the blood stream, challenging the immune system. The body responds to this perceived attack by releasing white blood cells to combat the invading microbes, and one of the results is systemic inflammation. Also, many harmful bacteria stay in the saliva and will reestablish themselves on the teeth and in the blood stream.

Prepare for your dental appointments at least three weeks in advance by doing the following:

  • Proceed with “Successful Self-Dentistry in 8 Steps”
  • Build your immune system with one thousand to two thousand milligrams per day of vitamin C, depending on your health and bowel tolerance. Camu camu is a vitamin C-packed superfood. Lypo-Spheric brand vitamin C has excellent absorbability, and taking five of the thousand-milligram packets is the closest thing to taking vitamin C intravenously, which is the most effective method. If you are going to the dentist for more serious work than a cleaning, be advised that taking vitamin C orally reduces the numbing effect of Novacain and anesthetic.
  • Check your saliva and urine pH with litmus paper, and maintain alkaline levels.
  • Bring your own springwater with added salt for rinsing.
  • Anoint your gums with a single essential oil or combination serum before, during, and after the visit. Ask the hygienist to floss your teeth with the botanical oil too.
  • After the dentist, bolster your immune system with extra vitamin C.

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