About CurlyEllie

Ellie’s Mother started CurlyEllie when she noticed her daughter’s frustration at her hair. Her curls were beautiful, but difficult to manage. she turned to friends and family for help with hair care products and advice. They all had the same complaint about their products – none of them worked or were natural enough for their own hair or for Ellie’s sensitive skin. She created the CurlyEllie Hair Collection so that it would work well on curly hair and be kind to sensitive skin as well.

With CurlyEllie she provided products and education that enable people with curly hair to embrace their natural texture. She also strives to create products that are as kind and as natural as possible, due to the eczema and allergies that her daughter Ellie suffered from as a baby.

CurlyEllie believes it has created a line of hair products that deliver moisture, hydration, detangling and shine to curly, kinky and frizzy hair. These products are also free of gluten, soy and other common allergens.




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