The Complete CurlyEllie Guide to Soft vs. Hard Water


Why does water become hard?

When rainwater filters through limestone, chalk, and dolomite layers in the earth, it creates hard water, which raises the levels of calcium and magnesium in the water supply. Hard water also contains heavy metals including chlorine, iron, lead, and magnesium, albeit to a smaller extent than it does calcium and magnesium.

Therefore, it is highly possible that you have hard water coming from your taps if you live in the South East and Midlands of the UK. The North and the rest of the UK are not therefore safe and unaffected. Did you know that in the UK, hard water is present in more than 50% of homes?

Therefore, it is crucial for you to comprehend why and how hard water might impact your hair as well as how to modify your routine when you detect hard water, unless you were fortunate enough to score a hard water softener.

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What impact does hard water have on your hair ?

Dryness is the simple solution. the notorious foe of curly hair.

Your hair can become dry from using hard water. You might begin to notice warning indicators like:

  • Despite having greasy, frizzy roots, the hair is limp.
  • Styles don’t last very long or hold up very well.
  • Your hair color starts to appear flat and uninteresting.
  • Nothing seems to be able to restore the glossiness and brightness that it once had.
  • When you use some of our fantastic shampoo, your hair takes forever to lather and you have to use it several times before the lather starts.

The main issues with all these surplus minerals is that they tend to settle at the roots and also run through the hair strands, creating a coating on your hair shaft which can make your products less effective.


What to do when your water is hard?

Double washing!

If you have really full, thick hair, you could discover that it takes longer for your curls to become thoroughly saturated when you wash them in hard water.
Before beginning a practice of washing and conditioning your hair, you might need to spend more time in the shower getting your hair completely wet.

Due to the build-up of minerals like calcium, you can also notice that your shampoo doesn’t lather as effectively. To address this, you should attempt twice shampooing as it will help with the build-up.

You may read more about the additional advantages of twice cleansing here.
Alternatively, you can try our CurlyEllie Intense Hydrating Shampoo, which has a little more OOMPF in it, to wash out that bothersome mineral buildup if you don’t want to double cleanse—fair enough, it’s not for everyone.


Nourishing with the Conditioner to bring back oils and nourishment.

The natural oils produced by your skin’s glands are stripped from your hair by the chlorine in hard water. Your hair becomes less water-resistant and more prone to breakage and damage, which in turn leads to dryness. So be sure to always condition your hair after using our Nourishing Wash, and occasionally, skip the shampoo altogether to give your hair the oils and nourishment it loves.

Use Lukewarm water when washing your hair or rinsing off the Nourishing Conditioner. This is a lot gentler on your hair than hot water.

Water Softner and a creamy Gel for hold

One thing you can do is use a water softener to remove some of the calcium and minerals. Products tend to work better in soft water, become richer, and produce less grease, so you may be able to use less shampoo and conditioner and reduce the number of times you wash your clothes, which will also help you save money on some water bills.

Soft water doesn’t dry things out as much or lead to as much buildup. When visiting a place with soft water, you can discover that you only need the absolute minimum of things. You might also detect a softer, fluffier feeling in your hair. This can need changing your hair care regimen!

Fluffy curls are adorable, but if you want more definition, you might need products with a bit more hold. This is the ideal opportunity to try out our new CurlyGellie Natural Hold Gel!

It provides you with the additional hold and definition you might require.
Again, if you require a bit more, just let us know. For more grip, try our CurlyEllie Intense Strong Hold Gel! Never fear a hard cast; all you need is your hands to scrunch it out or our Styling Serum for added shine.

Using a Hair mask on a regular base

If you live in a region with hard water, you must regularly use the Intensive Hair Mask. The oils and nourishment that your hair has lost must be restored by using an intensive mask on a regular basis.

But there are advantages to living in locations with hard water; it is not a threat.
You gain from this source of minerals since hard water includes necessary minerals.
When calcium and magnesium are removed from water, water softeners may replace them with salt, which could be unhealthy for people who are salt sensitive.


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