Flowers in Her Hair Dry Shampoo - Review - Living Libations


“The only thing we use to extend that blow dry is Flowers-in-Her-Hair,
the brainchild of the brilliant and groundbreaking Nadine Artemis
and her gorgeous natural products Living Libations.

The brand focuses on beauty and dental care that incorporates ingredients
from forests and meadows, and is natural, organic and nourishing to your skin.

∼ Tanya & Andrea

From @thewellhealedasia on Instagram


“I absolutely adore this product! I try to wash my hair only once (max. twice) per week and this product really helps stretch it out even more without being full of nasty chemicals. I’ve also started just using it to make my hair smell even nicer than it does after using
Living Libations shampoo and conditioner.

I’m obsessed with the smell and regularly get compliments on it”.
∼  Charlie

Smells like a Cottage garden, multiple uses!

“This is a little miracle in a box. Smells like a fresh morning in a garden of flowers and herbs.
Works very well and gentle on my hair, inbetween washes.
Besides of that, for me it’s great as a deodorant. On Humid days it helps to keep your armpits dry.
On top of this, I like to brush my teeth with it. You even might use it to wash your face.
So if you plan a trip for a few days with minimalistic baggage, this is all you’ll need!”.
∼ constanze.wolff

BLOG - Eva Lamas

Hands down!!!!

“❤️Best dry shampoo i have tried!!!
So beautiful ingredients and leaves my hair so clean and shiny!!!
A new favorite of mine!!!???”.
∼  eva_skenteri



Organic & Natural Beautyproducts - Living Libations

Brand: Living Libations
Country: Canada

Living Libations is an exquisite line of serums, elixirs and essentials oils for those seeking the purest of the pure botanical health and beauty products on the planet.

Organic and Natural - Living Libations

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