Beautiful inside & out: How PCR is a vital part of your healthy hair journey


A refresh is in the air! This month, after three years of hard work with Mother Earth at top of mind, we’re debuting a packaging refresh and transitioning the majority of our product line to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. By doing so we are repurposing plastic waste, reducing energy use and climate impacts, and spurring the market for recycling. Here’s what to expect as our journey becomes a part of yours:



Our packaging “refresh” introduces an updated logo, easier to read bottles and a color-coded bar system to help differentiate our products in your “shelfies” and your shower. This means no more grabbing a shampoo instead of a styler or Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner when you really wanted I Create Finish!



Our refreshed packaging also begins our transition into 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Because we’re a clean beauty hair care brand, we have unique challenges as opposed to skincare or makeup. Many hair care products are larger in size than their personal care counterparts, and consideration must be given to the weight of the packaging if alternative materials such as glass or aluminum are used. A number of our products sit in our showers, so the packaging has to be functional and safe in a wet environment.

Any material, whether it be glass, aluminum, or plastic, has an environmental impact. PCR plastic is a natural next step for our packaging but it is only the beginning: we are determined to utilize materials that lead us into a sustainable future and encourage a circular economy. 


We’ve been working behind the scenes for over three years on our sustainability mission. In April, we debuted our webpage, People and Planet. We also committed to clean up the equivalent of the last 5 years of our plastic output with the help of the Plastic Bank. Starting in 2020, we pledged to collect 150% of our annual plastic output through our partnership.

Becoming “plastic proactive” means your healthy hair journey provides benefits beyond you and your hair. Innersense Organic Beauty is committed to taking action on plastic pollution, and our partnership supports the clean up of ocean-bound waste and uplifts coastal collector communities in the process.


PCR = Raising The Clean Beauty Bar

Our packaging refresh, PCR transition and plastic proactive commitment will raise the bar in the clean beauty and consumer goods industries, in more ways than one. We’ve always cared for you and our environment. Now is the time to put our mission into action and be a part of the solution, not the problem. Thank you for being an essential part of this journey. We hope you appreciate and enjoy these refreshing changes!

~ Greg and Joanne Starkman, founders, Innersense Organic Beauty


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