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Does Chocolate effect your skin?

Already having Halloween Candy cravings? It’s the time of the year when we all want sugary sweet treats – but what harm can they do to your skin? Everyone knows the rumor that chocolate makes you break out, but what is it about chocolate that’s bad for you?

What’s the Codex Beauty Code? Learn What Makes Codex Unique

There’s been a lot of talk about transparency and natural ingredients in the beauty industry. At Codex Beauty, they began with a clean slate. Rather than incrementally make a blacklist of chemicals to extract from products, they drew inspiration from The Codex Alimentarius, a collection of internationally adopted food and health standards, and then developed their own set of core principles, guidelines and ethical codes of practice. They call it the Codex Beauty Code. Find out what that involves here.

(Recipe) 3 Organic Potato Salad Recipes

No offense to grandma, but her potato salad is a bit old-school. Make it modern with three flavorful recipes to shake up your spuds. The flavors take you around the world from Asia to the Mediterranean, but every dressing starts with a scoop of coconut oil mayo, made with cage-free eggs and superfood coconut oil. The only decision you have to make is which recipe to start with!

Topical Probiotics – 5 Benefits of Probiotic Skin Care

Probiotic skin care is a newer phenomenon with an amazing array of possibilities. Is this a trend that will quickly pass or should probiotics be the new staple in your skincare regimen? I set out to discover the truth behind this trend and make an informed professional decision.

Honestly, at first it sounds a bit gross. We are being encouraged to apply microscopic living bacteria to the skin. These organisms, called probiotics, can be found in cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers and even in your SPF. In response to this trend, I asked myself 3 primary questions.

What does the science and data conclude about probiotics in our skin care, are all probiotics created equal and can these organisms really live outside the refrigerator? What I discovered might surprise you.

What are comfrey leaves & 7 reasons your skin needs it

Commonly found in parts of Europe, Asia and North America, comfrey leaves are the latest addition in the list of exotic herbs being rediscovered for their umpteen medicinal gifts, from healing wounds to healing inflammations including gout and arthritis, moisturizing and toning your skin, supporting cell growth and finally giving you a skin that looks forever young.