Our Bacteria: Beauticians for Glowing Skin

Our skin, this moist envelope of our soul, is a living, breathing, and regenerating tissue. This miraculous medium is the real estate coveted by every cosmetic that aims to penetrate pores, solve insecurities, and systematize skin types. And yet, glowing, radiant skin evades so many. "Beauty was not simply something to behold; it was something [...]

Announcing the launch of our new website!

Dutch Health Store
We’re thrilled to announce our new website is live!! So proud!! After many, many hours and months working, after a very long weekend; We are online! Yoehoe!! ? Totally updated, with lots of new applications but still the same high-quality products! Something that will never change..... ? There’s a whole host of smaller but impactful [...]

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Summer Sale

Choose your all-time summer favourite Perfume or Cologne or the popular Revitin toothpaste with 10% discount.
                                                                         ∼ Wilma 🌹