The Alqvimia Method

Aromatherapy, Beauty and Well-being

At Alqvimia we consider that before choosing an Alqvimia experience, from buying a product, to participating in a workshop to booking an appointment at a Spa, it is important to know your energy polarity and the real needs of your mind and body. Yin? Yang? or Yin-Yang?

Each person is a unique and individual being, with a variable energy charge depending on how they think, eat, breathe, feel and act. Each product created at Alqvimia is conceived according to a specific polarity: yin, yang or yin yang.

For this we have a unique method of kinesiological diagnosis that allows us to define, according to your yin-yang polarity, if a specific product or service will be suitable for you at that time. In this way we can evaluate your energy state and foresee imbalances so as to treat this with essential oils, alchemical formulations, spa massages and rituals, workshops and even with general guidelines for an adequate diet.

We intend, above all, to protect the well-being of our customers.

Every time you visit our Store & Spa, ask our staff Alqvimia for a free general polarity test to understand which product or service you require at that precise moment.
For a more thorough study, we always recommend “the Alqvimia Method”, in which respect for nature and the life cycle are key factors: a complete diagnosis made in our spa booths which includes:

1.- Diagnosis of the mind and body.
2.- Recommendation of a holistic treatment.
3.- And a follow-up visit.


Body Sculptor Body Oil helps to shape the figure eliminating localised fat in a natural and effective way, with its liporeducing and restructuring action.

Sculptor also complements Alqvimia Reducer treatment thanks to its overall shape reducing action. Body Sculptor Body Oil is made from Almond, Hazelnut and Wheatgerm Vegetable Oils that have moisturising, firming and antioxidant action.

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Alqvimia Biological Age

At Alqvimia we consider that age is not chronological but biological, and may vary according to your energy state. At Alqvimia we offer you an exclusive alchemy test which determines your age, taking into consideration your organism’s energy state. The objective is to regenerate, rejuvenate and reduce your biological age: “Age is a state of mind”.

Yin-Yang Polarity

A yin or yang imbalance may be quantified in degrees of deviation from the point of equilibrium. Thanks to our Polarity Test Machine we can calculate your Yin or Yang energy charge, either through your whole body, or at a particular point. In this way we can correct imbalances and restore harmony.

Chakra and balancing

Chakras are 7 energy points located at different points in our bodies. An unbalanced Chakra interrupts the energy flow to an organ or group of organs, and may affect harmony/spiritual balance.
Alqvimia essential oils can unblock a particular chakra and restore the blocked energy. In specific cases of blockage of the second and first chakra, a Moxa Treatment performed at the spa is recommended.

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