Alqvimia: {Our Philosophy}

“ALQVIMIA unites Beauty, Wisdom, Love and Consciousness.”

Idili Lizcano

Alqvimia was born with the promise of creating 100% natural cosmetics out of the utmost respect for nature and beauty.
As heirs of the Spanish school of aromatherapy, we believe in the power of flowers’ souls to help rebalance ourselves cosmetically, emotionally and spiritually.

We understand beauty in its holistic sense, as a complete transformation based on:

health and well-being
the search for balance,
harmony and spirituality,
which transcends external beauty yet is reflected in it.

Contributing to complete well-being through “individual transformation”, by using products based on ancient alchemical knowledge and aromatherapy.

“Alchemy is transformation. Alqvimia is a journey of the transformation of beauty. It is the experience of Supreme Beauty”.

as a search for
the perfect balance, is
the essence of Alqvimia


The transformation not only of the body but also health and the emotions. It is the passage from purely physical beauty to a holistic beauty that includes not only the body but also the beauty of actions, thoughts and emotions.
It is what we at Alqvimia call “the ascending path of beauty towards the light”. A concept of union of Beauty with Health.

The secret of alchemy is to be able to transform; in the background there is a search for light, a search for perfection. And our products transform.


Alqvimia contributes to the movement of a new world paradigm with an emphasis on fairer business practices, both socially and ecologically.
We transform customers into conscious consumers.

We transform global trade into opportunities for local suppliers.
We are far removed from the huge chemical cosmetics industry: we are a family company with traditional, hand-crafted production.

We do not generate toxic waste during our manufacturing processes.

We do not conduct animal testing.


“Each Alqvimia product represents the search for absolute beauty. Each Alqvimia product represents the pursuit of excellence. Each Alqvimia product has the ability to transform”.

This magic found in Alqvimia products is based on the fact they are:

  • Cosmetically effective
  • good for well-being
  • good for energy
  • good spiritually and good emotionally


a) We select the best quality essential oils and most potent raw materials from all over the world to create truly sublime products

b) We take advantage of the most conducive astrological moment to enhance our formulas and results

c) We formulate each product according to yin-yang polarity, to offer specific, personalised solutions for each customer

d) We create products which are of 100% natural and extremely high quality, providing effective solutions that respect the body, nature and the environment

e) We fuse the ancestral wisdom of alchemy with the art of aromatherapy, to create highly effective products that work not only physically (cosmetically), but also emotionally and spiritually.



ALQVIMIA was founded by Idili Lizcano, alchemist and master perfumer.

With his Mediterranean roots and passion, Paris was where Idili grew up and spent his childhood. There he discovered a love for aromas and developed his innate gift for fragrances. Walking the streets of Paris in search of perfumeries, he captured a something that others did not perceive: the scent of the soul of plants on each olfactory strip. Intoxicated by a mixture of curiosity, the hermetic knowledge of alchemy and the science of perfumery… he set himself a challenge: &ldrquot; in the future I will do it better &rdlquot;

From there Idili began a tireless search to materialise his vision of beauty (“beauty transformed into light”) using certain products able to carry off that transformation. It is in his dreams that the alchemical formulas are revealed to Idili.

After travelling around the world, it was at a meeting in India with his Spiritual Master, when he decided to create Alqvimia: a “cosmetics” company to transform the world, based on the individual transformation of each person.

“My work is Meditation in itself. It is an offering to the world, a prayer.

This is one of the secrets of the Noble Art of Alqvimia”.

After 34 years, ALQVIMIA upholds its values of love, passion, creativity and respect for nature. Thanks to the art of aromatherapy, the magic of perfumery and the ancestral science of alchemy, we extract the soul of plants that connect with and transform our own souls.

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