5 Strategies to Ground & Focus

How are you feeling at the moment? Good or rather all over the place and at the same time too much in your head?
Or maybe easily distracted and weirdly restless?

I sense that we all might feel less focused and a bit more “off center” than usual – and that we have a strong need for grounding energy right now. It’s actually no wonder when we look at the worldwide happenings and the season we’re in! That’s why I’m sharing five strategies from my daily life that have really helped me lately.


Drink less coffee!

I know, it’s a hard one, but you can do it! Go for these coffee alternatives instead:


Start your day in an intentional, gentle, feel-good way!

For me, structure – having a fixed order for the elements in my morning routine – has been crucial during October. It’s really helped me find more focus and structure throughout the whole day. By the way: One of the first things I do when I get up is scrape my tongue. I use this tongue scraper.


Focus on only a couple of things a day

Don’t do all at once. This is another of my “secrets” that really helps me to be productive in a mindful, effective way, that helps me feel more achieved at the end of the day as well as stay focused throughout the day.


Stop scrolling!

Create “phone-free” times by putting your phone into flight or sleep mode. Listen to the podcast to hear at what times of the day this golden rule can have a profound impact


Go for a grounding, embodying yoga practice

Not all yoga (Asana) practices are the same – in fact, the energetic effects and hence the effects on how you feel can vary immensely. Tune in to hear more about it. Plus: If you like a lovely smell to accompany your practice, that also helps you calm down, ground and soothe your nervous system, try these essential oils:

I find diffusing the oils is an easy way to soak in the goodness. Please note: We all perceive and react to essential oils differently. Go with the smells that speak to you, and if you already have an oil that helps you ground and calm your mind, use that one.





Listen here to the podcast


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