5 nutritional supplements to start the year off right

As many as 80% of the Dutch have good intentions. Most of them are about healthier living. Maybe you too have resolved to start doing this in January. You might want to eat healthier and exercise a little more. But did you know that taking certain supplements is a pretty easy first step to make a good start to the new year? In this article, we list our best supplement tips for you.

1. A well-balanced multivitamin is indispensable

Many people do not get enough vitamins and minerals in their diet. This is partly because many people find it difficult to eat enough fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the main suppliers of vitamins and minerals. And if you only eat vegetables at dinner, chances are you are not getting enough of these important nutrients.

On the other hand, it has been known for years that the amount of vitamins and minerals in the diet has decreased. So there are fewer of these essential nutrients in the fruits and vegetables we eat.

For our bodies, it is actually necessary to get enough vitamins and minerals. A good multivitamin supplements the requirement so that the body can function normally.

2. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential

Another topper for your body are omega-3 fatty acids. These are found in nature mainly in fatty fish such as herring, mackerel, wild salmon, eel, anchovies and sardines but also a little in, for example, flaxseed or walnuts. These fatty acids consist of EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA contribute to the normal functioning of the heart. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of EPA and DHA.

Very many people have difficulty eating enough oily fish and it is not possible to get enough of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA with flaxseed and walnuts. This is partly because flaxseed contains neither EPA nor DHA, but alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This ALA must be converted in the body into EPA and DHA. The body has limited ability to do this. To supplement the amount of omega-3 fatty acids then, you can use a good EPA/DHA supplement.

3. Vitamin D is especially important in the winter months

We produce vitamin D in our body under the influence of sunlight. In the Netherlands, especially in the winter months, it is unfortunately impossible to make enough vitamin D ourselves. The sun shines too little for this and is not strong enough.

Vitamin D has many functions in the body. Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. Seniors and people with dark skin color are advised to take extra vitamin D. Vitamin D also contributes to normal muscle function.

Vitamin D also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Especially in the winter months when we are more indoors and also closer together, extra immune support is a good idea. So a good vitamin D supplement is not an unnecessary luxury.

4. Vitamin C, also imporant during the winter months

In the winter months, not only vitamin D is very important, but also vitamin C. Both vitamins contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. This is especially nice in the winter, when most people are indoors more and also closer together.

Because vitamin C is such an important nutrient, we have a supply of it stored in our bodies. This supply is located in certain cells of our immune system, such as the white blood cells (leukocytes). When the immune system is activated, this supply is used. So keeping this supply of vitamin C in good condition is smart. Because a good supply of vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

5. Bonusan PQQ Energy for anyone who could use a little more energy

Especially in the first few months of the year, the body may need extra energy. Bonusan PQQ Energie (a combination of PQQ with vitamin B12) can help.

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is a body’s own vitamin-like substance, related to the more familiar coenzyme Q10. PQQ is present in the cells of our tissues and organs, such as the brain and muscles, for example. In addition, Bonusan PQQ Energy contains vitamin B12 which contributes to normal energy-generating metabolism. Bonusan PQQ Energie can therefore help you get a good start to the new year.


We start a new year full of fresh courage and good intentions. Using basic supplementation is a great start to a healthy lifestyle and helps meet basic needs. Want more personalized advice and support in making changes in your diet and lifestyle? You can contact Wilma or start a chat with one of us.
Basic supplementation includes a good multivitamin, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3. Because vitamin C contributes to normal immune system function, you can take extra vitamin C. And Bonusan PQQ Energie is recommended because vitamin B12 helps reduce fatigue and tiredness. That’s definitely going to help you make your good intentions come true in 2023!

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