The story about oOlution

Written by Anne-Marie Gabelica (founder of oOlution).

If I only had to remember one thing from my scientific studies, it’s the fact that the more an ecosystem is diversified, the more it is balanced, effective and resistant (resilient).

Imagine, for example, a field of wheat that spreads out endlessly. In that field, your typical farmer grows only one plant on hundred of acres, without tree hedges that complicate sowing, plowing and harvest. What do we notice when a disease touches such an ultra-simple system? It’s not just one plot but a whole entire field completely devastated.


Because by cutting off tree hedges and all the fauna it shelters, we destroy nature’s best defense, like for example ladybugs that eat aphids. Actually, every species of the ecosystem has a role, contributing to global equilibrium of the ecosystem and, when it disappears the global functioning of the ecosystem is less effective. Thus, in organic farming, where we want to preserve the best we can biodiversity (no pesticides, replanting of hedges…) the losses exist but never spread out as much.

The principle according to which more an ecosystem is diversified, more it is balanced and efficient lays down the law since life appeared, 3.8 billion years ago. We all experience it daily with our diet: the more it is diversified (vegetables, fruits, carbs, beans, meat…) the more your diet is balanced, the more you’ll be in good health and active.

So why should we continue to use cosmetics that contain 1 or 2 star active ingredients (with formulas that we don’t know much about) that are supposed to fit everyone? Our skin deserves better! So I asked myself: what if we applied our biodiversity principle to our skin?

And that’s how oO was born 🙂

First in my head, a few years ago. The problem is I pushed back taking action for a long time. Woooo is it possible to create everything all at once, tailored skincare products inspired by ecosystems, really nice to use, without chemical ingredients and palm oil? Or am I dreaming? Am I turning my dreams into reality? It took me a long time to build up enough courage to dare launch into this crazy adventure. Thankfully my family and friends believed in me (more than I believed in myself!).

Anne-Marie Gabelica (founder of oOlution).

And I toOk the jump! Frightening and exciting!!! 🙂

During 3 years I cooked up everything you see. There are still many things to improve. Nothing is as perfect as I had imagined but, that’s one of the things I learned. You have to able to let goO sometimes… for example for months I was obsessed by the idea of a compostable packaging. A total high for me. But I had to resign myself, reluctantly, to accept that it just wasn’t possible today to correctly preserve cosmetics in compostable materials. Even if eventually I did find a packaging 100% recyclable (yes really, because the pump is without metal) I was still a little disappointed… Deep inside of me it was like I had failed to design what I really wanted…

Speaking of failures, if the oOlution adventure finds its community or if it’s a total flop, the path that brought me here to you, reading this right now, is worth the world to me. Anxieties, obstacles, difficulties… but also amazing encounters, accomplishments, joy… dotted the path that permitted to give more meaning to my life, to have, I hope, a more positive impact on the world. This adventure gave me confidence and certitude that we are all actors of change. Every gesture counts, starting by the way we take care of ourselves, the way we eat, the way we travel… At every instant, every little action, we have the choice of leading a more beautiful, more positive, happier life… It’s simple, let us change the world!

Anne-Marie, founder.

More about oOlution

we are a 100% natural, organic and vegan cosmetics brand for the face and body. None of our products are tested on animals and all are produced in France. We’ve held the an honourable mention from Slow Cosmétique since 2014. A small independent business created by Anne-Marie Gabelica, we are completely committed to bringing you the best for your skin, all whilst looking after the planet. The effectiveness of our cosmetics is multiplied by their variety and richness in organic botanical active-ingredients, specially chosen for each product and completely unique in the world. Our formulas are more concentrated since we use the maximum amount of beneficial ingredients for your skin.

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