New Brand: Medicine Flower


Medicine Flower® Gifts of the Earth™ provides a full line of essential oils, massage oils, Sacred Sage® and Body Care products. The company was established in the summer of 1985 as a wholesaler and manufacturer of high quality, 100% natural essential oils, raw materials, body care products, healing essences and related accessories.

Bug Shield® Mist 100% Natural Bug Repellent Spray


Made with 100% Natural Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils. Smells and feels great, deet-free, eco-friendly and safe for all ages and pets too!




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Sacred Sage®

Made with 100% Natural Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils. Smells and feels great, deet-free, eco-friendly and safe for all ages and pets too!


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Sacred Sage® Smokeless Mist® Essential Oil Spray


A synergistic blend of traditional purifying herbs made with hand picked, wild, and sustainably harvested White Sage are put together in a convenient mist.




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Medicine Flower’s philosophy is to provide quality ingredients and body care products that support renewable and sustainable agriculture. They work with farmers and distillers all around the world. Some of these companies have been producing raw ingredients for over 150 years. Their goal is to support indigenous cultures, cultural traditions and fair trade.

The founder has been involved with holistic health since 1980. She is a certified holistic health practitioner and massage therapist, aromatic consultant and formulator specializing in natural perfumery and product development.

Her passion for oils has led her to search worldwide for the highest quality essential oils and raw materials used in the art of perfumery and aromatherapy, as well as in cosmetics, skin, body care and environmental fragrancing. She has attended UCLA Extension for education in Cosmetic Chemistry and Cosmetic Ingredients and The World Perfumery Congress in Cannes France.

Medicine Flower’s specialty is aromatherapy blends, therapeutic essential oils, natural perfumes, body scrubs, massage oils and body care for the home and spa.

Together, as consumers and businesses we can create a demand for quality ingredients by utilizing them in our lives. Medicine Flower’s goal is to provide products that support sustainable organic agriculture, fair trade and values that nurture the Earth.

Medicine Flower’s Blends®

Medicine Flower’s AromaBlends contain a perfectly balanced blend of 100% pure essential oils, specifically chosen for their therapeutic and medicinal properties. Our blends have been exquisitely crafted for a large range of uses such as uplifting one’s mood or encouraging relaxation. The intoxicating aromas found in our blends merged with the power of plant medicine are easy to incorporate into daily. Our Aroma Line is handcrafted with essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts chosen for their unsurpassed quality. As always, all of our products never include any additives, bases, fillers or synthetics.

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Medicine Flower MigraineEase™ AromaBlend


Blended artistically and alchemically with therapeutic grade oils, including wild crafted and sustainable materials. Medicine Flower has been offering aromatherapy blends since the early 1980’s.

Our essential oils and absolutes are organic or wildcrafted, sustainably grown and non-GMO.




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Medicine Flower’s Culinary Flavors ®

Medicine Flower Genuine Flavors have been known and loved by many since their introduction in 2008.  They have recently added new products and made some changes.  The products are exceptional, bursting with delicious flavor and are extensively used in the food, beverage, cosmetics, supplements and other industries. They search the globe for the finest specialty ingredients and formulate highly concentrated products that both taste and smell incredible! 


A few drops of any of their flavors is all it takes to flavor anything from baked goods, shaved ice, tea, coffee drinks, ice cream, desserts, smoothies, dietary products, cosmetics and more. Try a drop or two in your drinking water with ice for a refreshing gourmet treat! They also work well for scenting massage oils or lotions, balms, bath oils, soaps and candles. Silver Flavors are extremely potent, and are even stronger than flavors in our Premium Line. Care needs to be taken not to use too much!  Generally, 1-5 drops of our flavors equal up to a teaspoon of other flavors. 


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Medicine Flower’s Natural Body Care ®

Medicine Flower;s everyday solutions. Handcrafted in small batches. Natural and sustainable ingredients. Pure. Healthy. Safe.

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Supports Healthy Immune and Respiratory function with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It also prevents and protects agains seasonal and environmental threats.


ViroGuard® is a blend of botanical essences used since antiquity to guard against harmful bacterial and viral attacks. Legend has it that this blend was originally created by four thieves in 15th century England, who used these and other aromatics to protect themselves while robbing plague victims. While we no longer need to protect ourselves from the plague, today’s seasonal and environmental challenges abound.


ViroGuard®  Essential Oil blend has a strong, sweet and spicy herbal aroma with a hint of citrus. This powerful blend contains elements that provide incredibly therapeutic, cleansing and natural disinfecting properties. ViroGuard®  essential oil blend fills any space with a clean, rich and spicy aroma when diffused or misted. When applied to the skin, it can assist in supporting immunity in times of stress.


Medicine Flower’s® ViroGuard® comes in several applications and is the perfect addition to maintain healthy lifestyles in today’s busy world. For added protection in cold and flu season, rub ViroGuard®  Oil or Roll-On directly to pulse points, chest, behind the ears, base of palms and soles of feet. Diffuse ViroGuard®  Concentrate to purify the air and neutralize odors. ViroGuard®  Sanitizing Mist is great to keep on hand for cleansing surfaces or the air from bacteria or viruses.


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  1. julien says:

    Is it possible to order natural flavour extracts from the brand Medicine Flower?

    Thank you,


    • Wilma Beuving says:

      Hello Julien, we had this brand a while ago but it wasn’t selling well, unfortunately.

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