The revolution of Conscious Haircare


Innersense: The Revolution of Conscious Haircare

Imagine a world where your haircare routine not only transforms your locks but also elevates your well-being and nourishes your soul. Enter Innersense, a groundbreaking haircare brand that has taken the industry by storm with its unique approach to clean, conscious beauty. In this blog, we will embark on a journey to discover Innersense’s captivating story, learn about their game-changing philosophy, and explore their innovative product lineup.

The Innersense story

Founded by husband and wife team Greg and Joanne Starkman, Innersense was born ouf of their personal quest to find haircare products free from harmful ingredients after their first child was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. With a background in the beauty industry and a shared passion for clean living, they decided to create a brand that embodied their values of purity, transparency and consciousness.

Innersense’s mission is to inspire personal transformation through the power of clean, organic, and toxin-free haircare. By combining the wisdom of nature with the innovation of science, Innersense has succeeded in creating a line of products that deliver exceptional results while honoring the health of both people and the planet.

Brand Philosophy

Innersense’s philosophy revolves around three core principles:

  1. Clean, Organic Ingredients: Innersense is committed to using only the cleanest, organic ingredients in their formulations. They prioritize transparency and integrity by thoroughly vetting and ethically sourcing each ingredient. Free from harsh chemicals, sulfates, and parabens, Innersense products are designed to be gentle on the hair and scalp while delivering optimal results.

  2. Conscious Beauty: Innersense takes a holistic approach to beauty, emphasizing the importance of self-care and well-being. Their belief in the power of ritual and intention has led them to create products that encourage users to slow down, connect with themselves, and cultivate a deeper sense of inner beauty. Each Innersense product is crafted to nourish not only the hair but also the soul.

  3. Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Innersense is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact and fostering a culture of social responsibility. They focus on sustainable packaging, supporting local farmers, and partnering with organizations committed to environmental and social causes. By choosing Innersense, consumers can feel good about supporting a brand that actively works towards a healthier, more compassionate world.


Highlighted Products:

  1. Pure Harmony Hairbath: A gentle yet effective shampoo, the Pure Harmony Hairbath is formulated with aloe vera, coconut, and pumpkin seed oils to cleanse and nourish the hair without stripping its natural moisture. This sulfate-free shampoo is perfect for all hair types and leaves hair feeling soft, shiny, and revitalized.

  2. Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner: The Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner is a lightweight, detangling conditioner that provides hydration and manageability without weighing hair down. With key ingredients like shea butter, rice bran oil, and orange flower oil, this conditioner boosts shine and elasticity, leaving hair smooth, bouncy, and full of life.

  3. Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner: This lightweight, detangling mist is infused with emollient oils, fragrant herbs, and flower essences to provide instant hydration and manageability. The Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner is perfect for all hair types and can be used on damp or dry hair to boost moisture, smooth frizz, and enhance natural texture.

  4. I Create Lift Volumizing Foam: Create weightless volume and long-lasting hold with the I Create Lift Volumizing Foam. This lightweight, airy foam is formulated with aloe vera, honey, and sugarcane to provide touchable texture and lift without any sticky residue. Ideal for all hair types, this volumizing foam helps to create effortless, bouncy styles while nourishing and protecting the hair.

  5. Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer: Achieve versatile, touchable texture with the Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer. This lightweight, whipped styling cream is enriched with shea butter, coconut, and sunflower seed oils to nourish, condition, and hold your hair in place without feeling heavy or greasy. Perfect for creating tousled waves, sleek updos, or piecey definition, the Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer is a must-have for any styling routine.

  6. I Create Waves Salt Spray: Capture the essence of beachy, tousled hair with the I Create Waves Salt Spray. Infused with pink Himalayan salt, aloe vera, and lavender, this versatile spray adds texture, body, and a light hold for effortless, natural-looking waves. Suitable for all hair types, the I Create Waves Salt Spray is the perfect finishing touch for your summer-inspired hairstyles.


Innersense has revolutionized the haircare industry with its unwavering commitment to clean, conscious beauty. By combining the power of organic ingredients, a holistic approach to self-care, and a focus on sustainability, Innersense has created a line of products that cater to the needs of both the hair and the soul. Whether you’re seeking hydration, volume, or texture, Innersense offers a diverse range of innovative products that will transform your haircare routine and elevate your sense of well-being. Embrace the world of conscious haircare and let your inner beauty shine with Innersense.

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