Redness to the face: how to calm your skin in winter

O cold season, O skin despair! For your skin, winter rhymes with misery. It itches, it pulls, it tingles… And your complexion is not great either: redness sets in. Ouch. You clench your teeth and camouflage your skin while waiting for the sunny days. We have better things to offer you! Follow the guide to transform the coldest months into a cocoon of softness for your skin.

But why doesn’t my skin like winter?

If dry skin is the one that suffers the most, a less comfortable epidermis in winter is our common lot. A coalition of aggressors weakens even the strongest.

It’s not a scoop, in winter it’s colder. Wind, desiccating heaters and outdoor/indoor temperature differences make our epidermis suffer by damaging its hydration. Water evaporates all the more easily as our body, in hibernation mode, works in slow motion and defines its priorities: blood circulation concentrates on our vital organs, to the detriment of our skin. The blood capillaries that feed the epidermis are also very sensitive to outside temperatures: they lose efficiency and tone, dilate and redness appears. Obviously, less well nourished and with a low level of vitamin D due to lack of sun, the skin suffers. Cell renewal and sebum production are slowed down, its protective film is less effective. Cold, pollution, cosmetic care or even the slightest rubbing become insurmountable aggressions. Your skin no longer tolerates anything, it becomes hyper-reactive and in a permanent inflammatory state. Redness becomes more pronounced, especially on thin and fair skin.

Natural active ingredients: a tailor-made coat for your reactive skin

Some lucky ones make it through the cold season with a velvety skin, a unified and radiant complexion. Thanks to the genetic lottery… or an adapted routine. Yes: well-chosen cosmetics can be miraculous for your fragile skin.

The first piece of advice? Avoid conventional skin care! This is essential with more permeable skin, a veritable highway for irritating substances, endocrine disruptors and other harmful ingredients. Beware of synthetic preservatives, perfumes and sulphated surfactants that accentuate redness and irritation. Don’t be fooled by the vicious circle of mineral oils either: behind a feeling of better, your skin doesn’t benefit. It even continues to denature under their occlusive layer, which it no longer knows how to do without.

To combat redness and irritation, your skin needs to be soothed: inflammation must be fought with the utmost gentleness. Then, to prevent their reappearance, your skin needs to be regenerated, strengthened and protected. Quite a challenge! Luckily, the right synergies of quality plant active ingredients can be achieved with ease.

Particularly interesting are the vegetable oils rich in Omega3. Easily penetrating the epidermis, they reinforce its elasticity and are above all powerful anti-inflammatory. Bye-bye to redness, irritation and itching! Among the most soothing and repairing: Linen, Perilla, Hemp – which also helps the epidermis to retain water – and Raspberry Seed Oil, rich in carotenoids for, as a bonus, a healthy glow effect. Vitamin E and linoleic acid from Pumpkin Seed Oil prevent over-reactions of the epidermis. The combination of aqueous extracts of Linden, Calendula and Skullcap Galericulata guarantees a soothing effect. Also rely on vasoprotective active ingredients: Immortelle, Melilot or Helichrysum extracts, which are beneficial to the skin’s micro-circulation and the strengthening of the skin’s capillaries.

And if all skins need richer care in winter, yours, weakened and reactive, needs even more fat. And the good stuff! Avocado oil, with its Omega-6 and -9 and its many quality unsaponifiables, is super protective and anti-inflammatory. It regenerates, softens, nourishes, soothes, restructures. A dream come true! Apricot nourishes and softens while illuminating your complexion. Desert Date, Loofah or Argan are particularly repairing and regenerating.

Finally, a full cardboard box of Shea Butter: softening, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, it soothes irritations and itching, deeply nourishes and effectively protects all the epidermis.

In the oOlution range, our skin care products are rich in these precious active ingredients: those with green packaging. Formulated to meet the needs of dry, irritated and reactive skins, they offer them a soothing cocoon of softness, ridding them of their redness while making them stronger.

Your routine: a strong cocoon

So, what’s the routine for your weakened skin? Is it so sensitive that you try to touch it as little as possible? Wrong, don’t let it fight alone!

First step: daily gentle but thorough cleansing, even if you don’t wear make-up. By respecting 3 commandments: no sulphated substances, as little water as possible and gentle gestures. The ideal for the face: a cleansing milk rich in vegetable oils, gently applied with the fingertips (possibly with a washable wipe, but avoid using too aggressive cotton wool): Milky Way , with nourishing and soothing active ingredients, cleanses effectively with an immediate feeling of comfort. Finish off with a spritz of soothing hydrolats which also allows you to do without hard water. Of course, no exfoliation is necessary.

Your face is ready to receive its treatment. Opt for a very rich and nourishing cream: our Whole Again, soothing and protective, anti-inflammatory, strengthens the skin capillaries. It not only protects your skin but helps it to defend itself and no longer overreact. Whole Again is too rich for you? Alternate with Glow Up, possibly enriched with two drops of our synergy of nourishing and soothing organic vegetable oils. You can also use this pure synergy, especially before bedtime.

Irritations and redness do not spare the rest of the body. Our cold saponified surgras soap, Soap Rise, ideally in its fragrance-free version, will make you forget any feeling of tightness after showering and will nourish your epidermis. To moisturise and soothe itching : Body Guard or Magic Milk, depending on the areas and needs of your epidermis. Avoid baths and showers that are too hot.

Finally, on redness and areas of intense irritation, face or body, don’t hesitate to call Loving Balm to the rescue. Very rich, enveloping, without any essential oil, it protects and regenerates your skin without any risk of irritation. Cold and windy weather? Snowy holidays? Apply it preventively to the face and hands before going out

Team up with your skin

Taking care of your skin is essential, yes. Not just taking care of it is just as important! A diet rich in good fats (vegetable oils, oily fish, dried fruit…), which does not overindulge in spices, chillies, coffee, alcohol, mustard or vasodilating vinegar, will help you prevent redness and dryness. Drink enough water and herbal tea.

Cover yourself well when you go out and limit the heating inside: your skin, like the planet, prefers that you put on a jumper;). If your home is well insulated, turn the heating off at night, otherwise install humidifiers. Don’t forget that your skin is easily attacked by its entire environment: cosmetics, but also chemical and perfumed household products (washing powder in particular), fabrics worn next to the skin (avoid synthetics and wool, prefer cotton without dyes). Are you addicted to the healthy-glow effect of make-up? Beware, they are full of irritating agents… Tobacco, stress and fatigue weaken the skin, promoting redness and irritation: sport, yoga, meditation, sleep and oxygenation are all ways of treating it. Find what makes YOU feel good, it will reflect on your skin.

Finally, there is redness and blush. Temporary, linked to the climatic conditions they are normal. If they persist, peel, become infected, it is useful to consult. Eczema, couperose, psoriasis? Vegetable oils are beneficial, yes, but it may be necessary to investigate the causes and consider a treatment. In any case, it is important not to leave your skin to its own devices: winter discomfort is not just a passing question of aesthetics and comfort. Weakened, our epidermis is exposed to free radicals: beware of premature ageing! A good winter routine is the secret of a skin in good shape all year round. And for longer.

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