Orange – A cellulite Busting Aphrodisiac

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Fragrant and flavourful, our Oranges appear on the trees in the cold of Winter in Kangaroo Valley – bringing warm brightness when it’s freezing cold out here.

We carefully air dry the orange skin after hand-peeling each one, eating or cooking the fruit.
For six months, the dried peel is sun-infused in biodynamic olive oil. At least twice during that time, the plant material will be changed.

This drawn-out process results in a bitter orange blossom and leaf extract with a double strength that is ready to release its full efficacy in LUXURIOUS BODY FIRMING OIL together with Neroli Essence.

In terms of beauty, orange boosts collagen synthesis, tightens pores, reduces cellulite, reduces toxins, calms inflamed skin, repairs oxidative damage, and evens out complexion.

In terms of energy, orange is a “happy” relaxant, a natural tranquilizer that is equally energizing and comforting. It naturally lowers heart rate, calms anger, anxiety, and impatience, improves sleep quality and cognitive function, and creates a sensation of opulent tranquility without losing focus.

Maybe that’s what gives Neroli it’s reputation as a natural aphrodisiac that increases libido in both women and men — when used regularly, so get massaging…

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We want to remind people of the ‘Whole’, the spirit of things.

The Spiritual is fundamental to our brand, makeup and understanding of the world. Exceptional quality has a story behind it, is imbued with a human beings’ touch, soul and spirit. It supports all things authentic and lasting. By bringing together refinement and spirit we create meaningful objects and ‘Alive’ compositions that harmonise our physical and spiritual being every day.

Ours is a ‘Wholistic Luxury ’’ brand, dedicated to the fine art of composing ‘whole’ things, be that skincare, objects, clothing or – don’t laugh – gardenhoses.

Mindful things that are imbued with celestial energy, profound knowledge, and respect for Nature, always engaging in natural processes that draw from the whole – plants, animals, materials, etc – in ways that are sustainable, respectful and ethical.

Thus, our WHOLISTIC LUXURY SKINCARE compositions are for the conscious human. Wise women and men seeking to nurture their body, centre their soul, and lift their spirit. Deeply synergistic skincare compositions that remind people that the powers of the Sun Moon and Stars can be captured in processes ancient and healing. To create deeply complex compositions, imbued with Spirit and Love, giving back through the skin to heal and nurture. Truly this is a next level skincare.

Our BESPOKE ACCESSORIES are simple and functional, expressing the intrinsic natural beauty of our chosen materials, not adding too much, not over designing. These are collectors pieces created to last for a long time, to age gracefully, and to be repaired, not replaced.

And our SUSTAINABLE LUXURY GARDENHOSES are here to reduce landfill by bringing you hoses which are beautiful, last forever, don’t bust their fittings, and are tough as nails.


Things of quality, beauty and function. Imbued with celestial energy, profound knowledge, and respect for Nature. Made with minimum intervention processes that draw from the whole, in ways that are natural, sustainable and ethical. This Summer’s harvest has taken a big hit this year after the fires, so some of our skincare compositions are running low in stock this year, thanks for your understanding and support.

Sunshine sings + Moonlight dances!

Christo + Johanna

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