oOlution: organic skincare products that meets all your needs

Customized efficacy

At oOlution, their aim is to provide skin care products for all skin types, whatever their specific needs. Everyone’s skin is unique … this is why, rather than developing mass-produced standardized products that contain so-called ‘miracle’ ingredients, our mission is to create cosmetics with the most comprehensive formulations possible tailored to meet all the needs of any skin type!

Cosmetics that adapt to all skin types

As everyone’s skin is unique and deserves unique care, oOlution takes its inspiration from the concept of biodiversity to formulate skin care products based on a wide range of active substances. Each oO product contains more than 65 organic plant ingredients specially selected for their beneficial properties. The diverse, comprehensive formulations allow your skin to draw in the nourishing and protective elements it specifically needs to stay in balance. oOlution designs skin care products tailored to adapt to your skin.

Why does it work?

The life sciences have demonstrated that species-rich ecosystems are more stable and balanced (more ‘resilient’) by virtue of their biodiversity. Even in our daily lives, we know that a balanced and varied diet is better for our health. At oOlution they believe that biodiversity offers solutions for creating more intelligent products that are inspired by nature as well as preserving it – which is another of their missions.

They are convinced that only biodiversity-rich skin care products are truly deserving of the extraordinary organ that is the skin. The oOlution concept is above all based on our conviction that there is no single ‘perfect plant’ that has miraculous results for the complexion. Only a combination of natural active ingredients is able to offer each skin type the resources it needs to maintain its natural equilibrium and health and to enhance its beauty.

Apples are excellent for your health … nonetheless, if you ate only apples and no other type of fruit, would you be guaranteed an iron constitution? Of course not! As is now well established, the more varied our diet (in terms of diverse food groups – vegetables, fruits, starches, nuts and pulses, etc. – as well as specific foods), the more wholesome and balanced, creating the best conditions for robust health. One single type of food, no matter how good for you, can never meet all of the body’s needs.

The huge variety of nourishing and fortifying elements in oO products together create an ecosystem of active ingredients that is completely unique. Each product adapts to your skin in a personalized way, allowing it to take specifically what it needs, when it needs it.

Multi-action skin care that meets all your needs

With their wide variety of complementary plant ingredients, oO products simplify your life by avoiding the necessity of having to use multiple products for a desired result. Or from having to concoct your own creams according to your specific needs. Either requires a lot of time, money and, above all, expertise. The intricate complexity of oO formulations do the job for you.

As well as adapting to the subtleties of the individual needs of a particular skin, oO products are also designed to act simultaneously on all issues related to a given skin type. For example, for dry skin, oOlution has developed a skin care product composed of a wide variety of substances with different functions (nourishing, soothing, repairing, anti-redness, etc.) that act on a range of causes and symptoms of skin dryness. In this way, all oO products offer a comprehensive, one-step, multi-action solution for the skin according to its special needs. It’s as simple as that!

In short, oOlution has a pioneering approach to skin care – an approach in which each product provides a solution that is both complete for each skin type as well as tailored, meeting your skin’s specific needs in a personalized way.

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