Cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics: oOlution

100% vegan skincare


Guided by the principle of respecting all living things, more and more people today are becoming vegans. This choice involves rejecting all forms of animal exploitation; as regards cosmetics, this means using only products that have not been tested on animals and do not contain any ingredients of animal origin (this includes donkey milk, snail slime, royal jelly, etc.).

When oOlution was created, we made the choice to exclusively use ingredients from plants. Our company mindset from the beginning has been to operate with a deep respect for biodiversity, nature and animals. So for us the obvious decision has always been to create vegan cosmetics that are in line with our principles.

100% cruelty-free skin care


At oOlution, neither their finished products nor any of their ingredients are tested on animals. In certain sectors, animal testing is carried out to confirm the safety of products before putting them on the market; these practices (which still exist, despite advances in regulations) are nonetheless cruel, and moreover, there are numerous other ways to verify product safety.

Apart from the opposition to animal testing, they are the first cosmetics company not to use any palm oil derivatives in its products. Mass overproduction of palm oil is causing serious deforestation issues in Southeast Asia and in South America. With every passing day, this increasingly threatens biodiversity and endangers the survival of many species – not just of plants, but of animals such as orangutans and Sumatran tigers. By choosing not to support the trade in palm oil, we are contributing to the conservation of endangered species.

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