Anne-Marie Gabelica, oOlution founder


Who is Anne-Marie Gabelica

Anne-Marie is an agronomy engineer as well as a biochemistry expert who has worked in the cosmetic industry for 7 years before taking the path of conscious and sustainable entrepreneurship in april 2010. Confident that an alternative to the usual cosmetics was possible, she took action and created her own brand. She choose a disruptive approach to beauty: the skin deserves a personalized skincare in order to really fulfill its biological needs. Unlike the usual homogeneous cosmetics that don’t acknowledge the many differences of each individual, she wanted to create on-demand cosmetics. An uncompromising view of what beauty products should be: based on natural organic ingredients only to ensure 100% safe beauty products.

“Knowledge is power!”

~ Anne-Marie

After noticing with her own eyes how the palm oil overproduction damaged Malaysia, she decided to commit and take action against that plague.The cosmetic industry uses up to 24% of the world production. The massive deforestation in South East Malaysia leads to a climatic disturbance and a dramatic loss of biodiversity. Firmly determined to make a positive change even at her small scale, inspired by the french sage and founder of the Colibris movement Pierre Rabhi who urges anyone to “do their share” even the tiniest. Three years of research and development later, oOlution, the first ever palm oil free skincare line is born.

Why oOlution?

« I firmly believe that the cosmetic industry needs a real and good fix of disruption. There are countless beauty products out there and yet they’re all the same : based on the same so called miraculous active principles supposed to fulfill the deeply complex needs of the skin by itself. This is absolutely unrealistic, it’s plain and simple common sense. More over, this industry multiplies potentially dangerous synthetic ingredients regardless the human health or the environment. My dream was to offer perfectly healthy, smart formulas that adapt to the evolutive and individualized needs of the skin. It also was really important to me that the skincare line would be affordable. And off course, absolutely no artificial ingredient or filler but a great diversity of all natural active ingredients. »

« Creating a brand that would be a sincere and deep ethical commitment towards the planet, humans and animals. To me, any entrepreneur of the XXI century has the duty to question its social and environmental impact and make every effort in order to be a part of the solution, have a positive impact to the world.  Every discussion, every wake-up call is a victory to me! Inintiating a trustworthy relationship and sharing knowledge to the community is a great satisfaction. Beyond being a plain and simple brand, oOlution aims to bring as much people as possible to the path of a sustainable way of living. »

In the media 

Today, Anne-Marie is acknowledged as an active innovative entrepreneur in France. She’s been a columnist for “L’entreprise BFM” on the radio BFM business since february 2014 tackling entrepreneurship matters. She is also a member of the the expert panel of the french media Fé, on wich she publishes advice. She is now the new face of the beauty segment in the rising show “La Quotidienne” on national television.

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