Jena Covello on the Green Belle Podcast

Jena Covello on The Green Belle Podcast

I was so happy to be on The Green Belle’s Podcast!


The Breakdown:

  • Intro of Jena Covello’s own holistic health journey and how she started Agent Nateur
  • Aluminum-free deodorant and the importance of it
  • Jena’s holistic journey including changing the food she ate and personal care products
  • How non-toxic deodorants work
  • Using ACV as a trick for baking soda deodorants
  • Green beauty standards EU vs US
  • Where Jena sources her ingredients
  • All you need to know about Vitamin C (Agent Nateur holi(c)
  • Walking through Agent Nateur’s line
  • Holi(Youth) The best supplement: adaptogens, spirulina, marine collagen, pearl powder for internal health and beautiful skin (formulated with Dr. Will Cole)
  • Jena’s favourite skincare tips for youthful looking skin

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