What is Innersense Beauty

Innersense Organic Beauty is a line of professional hair care products that uses organic chemistry to raise the bar on clean, luxurious formulas with professional performance.

Our mission is to inform, inspire and empower beauty professionals and consumers to make healthy choices with a brand that aligns with their personal values.

We believe that you deserve the best in your personal care because it’s a reflection of who you are as a person. Our products are made with ingredients that are good for your body and for the planet without sacrificing performance or efficacy. We use only the finest organic ingredients available which means they’re not only good for you but also good for our environment.

Our philosophy is simple: we want everyone who uses our products to feel confident in their own skin—and we’re here to help them get there!

Innersense Beauty is a line of hair care products that is made with clean chemistry, radical transparency, and a commitment to the environment. We believe that your health and our planet are worth protecting. That’s why we promise to you: no parabens, silicones, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or questionable ingredients. It’s your health. It’s our planet.

We Believe In

Clean. Pure. Beautiful.

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We believe that hair is a powerful tool for self-expression, and we are committed to providing you with the tools you need to express yourself. We’ve been creating natural beauty products since 2005, when two seasoned beauty professionals realized they could create a line of organic and safe products that would not only nourish your skin and hair, but make it healthier than ever before. That’s why our products are made with the highest quality ingredients in their purest form—so you can achieve the best results possible.

Our award-winning formulas hydrate, nourish, and revitalize all hair types. Whether you’re looking for something to help manage your curls or tame flyaways, we have a solution for you!

Meet the Makers

When you meet Joanne, you know you’ve met someone special. She’s a hairstylist with a knack for making you feel like the most beautiful person in the world. But it’s not just her job, it’s her passion—and she’ll tell you that her joy is nurturing a healing, loving environment both at home and within our global brand community.

Joanne blends her styling talents with her healing touch to inspire, teach, and create. Greg is our conscious chemist. He’s an expert in green and clean formulations with a passion for educating beauty and wellness professionals, our retail partners and customers about how to make good choices when it comes to ingredients, especially when it comes to hair care products.

The two of them are on a mission: To create high-quality products that make people feel awesome about themselves—no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Joanne & Greg

The makers of Innersense Beauty

Meet Greg

Greg is the guiding light for Innersense Organic Beauty. His commitment to radical transparency raises the stakes on “clean beauty” with a focus on sustainably sourced, meticulously processed ingredients and an extensive “never any” list.

Greg was immersed in the beauty industry as a child through his mother’s successful cosmetic company. After working as a stylist for 12 years, Greg pursued an executive career in “big beauty” for some of the top hair care brands in the industry.

Meet Joanne

Joanne is a true champion of clean beauty. A salon stylist for over a decade before the birth of her special needs daughter inspired an awakening to the importance of living a clean and healthy lifestyle, Joanne has made it her mission to ensure that others can benefit from the same benefits she experienced when she made the switch to natural products.

Joanne’s personal experience with toxic chemicals in personal care products inspired her to develop clean, safe, non-toxic professional products for her family, salon colleagues and the clients they service. She is the heart and soul of Innersense Organic Beauty and the connection between clean, pure, beautiful products and the stylists and consumers who love them. A passionate proponent of self care and the sacred clean beauty movement, Joanne leads our wellness initiatives, designs our beloved hair ceremonies and empowers our community to tap into their innersense and fulfill their mind, body and spirit.

Max & Morgan

All because two people fell in Love

Meet Morgan

Morgan is a 20-year-old college student who loves to travel and all things Disneyland. A Broadway musical fanatic, she stars in so many of our Instagram videos as a joyful teacher and proponent of self love, laughter and fun. She’s also the inspiration behind our Quiet Calm Curl Control.

Meet Max

Max is a 22-year-old studying marketing and finance. He’s a baseball enthusiast who could talk about it like a 40-year-old at the age of two! He loves his sister Morgan so much that he could never be mad at her for long—despite being the younger sibling!

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