Codex aims to include as many local and native ingredients as possible. Where they need to source outside the country of origin, their team of formulators work to procure the best quality ingredients from across the world.


Codex Beauty’s ingredients are plant-based, locally sourced, safe, and effective. They choose organic whenever possible.

Having an herbal scientist on the formulating team and medical herbalists on their Advisory Board means that they choose ingredients that are known to be effective, either through long-term traditional use or through published research. Having a chemist on their formulating team means they understand how to get the best performance from the plant-based emulsifiers, preservatives and stabilisers so that the customer has a safe, stable and effective product.

Natural doesn’t always mean safe. Plant-based ingredients can be potent and even toxic. Essential oils in particular are highly potent materials and must be treated with care. Codex formulates with concentrations under the safe dermal limits since some essential oils can be sensitising. Codex also takes great care and works with the suppliers to ensure that they use optimal plant species and avoid any risk of contamination of materials. Finally, they utilize specific extraction methods for each ingredient, understanding that certain constituents can only be extracted using targeted techniques.

At Codex Beauty, they form close relationships with the suppliers in order to get the best quality materials to work with—so they can then pass these precious ingredients along to the consumers.


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