How to treat your skin with care during Menopause

We all know the importance of tailoring our skincare to our needs – so we include aloe-based products to calm our acne, our thicker moisturisers to keep dryness at bay and serums to keep our skin barrier healthy and happy. And as we hit our 20’s and 30’s a lot of us might start to introduce anti-ageing products to help keep us looking youthful as we age. But having a skincare routine in place to work with, and not against our changing hormones, is a lot more specific than just keeping our wrinkles to a minimum. In order to know what action to take, we must first understand what is actually happening beneath the surface.

Menopause and the way it impacts the Skin

Whilst we may have heard all the usual symptoms that come with menopause – from hot flushes to mood swings, we aren’t often told much about the impact it can have on the skin. As a result of the ageing of the ovaries, less hormones are released which can directly impact the condition our skin finds itself in. The decrease in levels of oestrogen in the body leads to a reduction in the amount of collagen and elastin in the body – ultimately causing the skin to be thinner and increasing the likelihood of experiencing dryness and sagging. The truth is, menopause, much like puberty is a natural process the female body experiences – and one that should be celebrated when recognising the resilience and life experience the human body can endure. So, taking care of the skin during another of its life’s stages is simply another form of self-care and love to show your body the appreciation it truly deserves.


For every skin concern, there is skin care

Finding the right serum for the skin during menopause might be the most useful and effective thing you could do. And as the skin is likely experiencing a few different concerns, a multipurpose serum packed to the brim with omegas and skin loving vitamins – like the Vemel Advanced Protective Serum (designed specifically with mature skin in mind) can be the perfect solution to so many of these worries. For instance, as oestrogen levels decrease, dark spots and pigmentations are likely to become more visible. However, specifically curated ingredients in the Advanced Protective Serum like plum kernel oil contains essential fatty acids as well as Vitamin C to not only help lighten existing dark spots, but also prevent them from even occurring. Meanwhile, the intensely nourishing and moisturising ingredients like blueberry and cherry seed oils help to inject a burst of hydration to help keep the skin plumper, and therefore minimising the sagging and dryness that comes with the hormone shift.

Throughout (and even after) the process of menopause, the skins oil glands can significantly reduce in activity, leaving the skin very dry. And as the transition of menopause continues, the skins ability to hold water in the dermis (the layer of skin below the outer layer otherwise known as the epidermis) is decreased, and yet the amount of moisture that evaporates through the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) is increased – again contributing to drier skin throughout menopause. Including a heavier moisturiser in your daily routine can help give the skin the nourishment it craves. Something like the Vemel Vitamin Rich Face Butter, which finds the perfect balance of collagen boosting ingredients like sea buckthorn and deeply moisturising gems like apricot oil can help renew and repair the skin barrier while helping retain the skins moisture. Opting to include a moisturiser like this in your routine, which provides a powerhouse of vitamins and omegas for the skin, whilst also acting as a non-greasy emollient, can work wonders for sensitive and maturing skin that needs just a little more tender care than it once might have.

Never skip the moisturiser

Ultimately, finding a routine that works for your skin, and keeps you feeling like your best self during this period of life is what it truly comes down to. At Vemel we believe you, as the consumer should look for skincare that says what it is, and does what it says. It doesn’t have to be complex, and it shouldn’t claim to return your skin back to it’s 20-year-old self – when you have so many memories made and experiences had, your skin deserves to show it holds each one with pride, whilst still holding onto to that glow within.


Truly natural waterless beauty brand – Vemel – has something to say and it’s No to H2O!

Why? Surely we should be taking every chance to add water into our lives right? Well maybe not as we know it, explains Agi Miel Co-founder of Vemel, “The beauty industry is a crazy, complex and fascinating industry. For years we have been blinded by science on what’s good for us, what will improve our complexions and what will feel great on our skin. There’s been a lot of ‘sciency’ stuff but sadly not a great deal of honesty, “ Agi explains.


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