How to have a Luminous Complexion even in Winter?

How to have a luminous complexion even in winter?

In the heart of winter, your summer tan is a distant memory. The mirror reflects a dull, drawn face back to you? Stop being depressed! Natural solutions exist for a radiant winter complexion … without going to the tropics!

Winter and skin don’t mix

Cold, wind, temperature variations, heating: winter puts our skin to the test. It dries out, …tightens, loses its elasticity, thickens… Result: dry patches, desquamation, marks of fatigue and time accentuated. In short, a weakened epidermis that no longer knows where to turn to defend itself.

To make matters worse, our metabolism slows down in winter: the cell renewal is less dynamic. The elimination of toxins is also less effective: hello pimples and blotchy complexion…

Finally, of course, the complexion becomes paler, less uniform, pigment spots stand out. On fair skins, redness and imperfections are more visible. Matt, they turn grey. A big lack of radiance!

However, a bad winter complexion is not inevitable.


Above all, keep in mind that it is impossible, in our latitudes, to keep the same complexion all year round. The harmfulness of UV cabins is no longer in doubt. And don’t expect to compensate by overexposing yourself to the sun in the summer. The rebound effect and premature aging will make your skin even more vulnerable to winter frosts. Not to mention the long-term risks…

Make-up sideDo not force on the foundation: lack of naturalness and suffocation of the epidermis guaranteed! Adapt its shade to your seasonal skin tone and, above all, keep your hand light.

I mean, don’t try to get back some sparkle with exfoliating scrubs: aggressive, they weaken the epidermis a little more..

Sweetness … and “good” fat.

To get through the winter, your skin has the same needs as you do: good, hearty meals and cocooning! In other words softness and energy to defend themselves and get out of this vicious circle.

Give her a richer, creamier texture than your usual moisturizer. Lipids are the essential part of the skin’s protective barrier. He needs the fat for backup!

But beware: not just any. The oily phases of conventional cosmetics are especially rich in inert petrochemical components, such as mineral oils, or transformed to the point of losing all their virtues, such as the ester oils or hydrogenated banned from the oOlution range. What’s the problem? They deposit an artificial waterproof and comedogenic film on the skin which they suffocate and make dependent, unable to defend themselves.

Pure vegetable oils are good for everything. Composed of the same fatty acids as sebum, they are able to blend in and really strengthen the hydrolipidic barrier. Without any occlusive effect… and without polluting!

Another reason to make vegetable oils the preferred allies of your complexion? Their vitamins and minerals, as well as their variety which helps meet all your skin’s winter needs.



Rely on the synergies of vegetable oils

Look for Avocado oil in particular.. Exceptionally rich in fatty acids, it nourishes and protects from external aggressions, restores comfort and elasticity. Argan oiltoning and protective, repairs the imperfections. The epidermis regains a texture at the top!

L’Rose Hip oil, soothing, unifies the complexion. Its carotenoid content improves the skin stainingIt reduces redness and pigmentation spots.

I mean, come on, with the oily extract of carrot, it’s a guaranteed healthy glow effect: rich in beta-carotene, a natural coloring agent, it illuminates the complexion. A real glow! Reinforce its action with a diet rich in vitamin A (pumpkin, carrot, parsley, spinach …).

And play on the synergies, by choosing a treatment like our Whole Again who contains all these precious oils among more than 65 plant active ingredients of organic origin or from sustainable harvesting. In one gesture, you soften, nourish and energize!

Your winter care routine

Finally, adopt a rigorous care routine:

    • Use a nourishing treatment like our Whole Again, once or twice a day, depending on your skin type.. If it is not too dry and/or sensitive: continue to use your moisturizer in the morning and apply your nourishing care in the evening, only on the cheeks if your skin is combination. As a morning moisturizer, we also recommend that you also Glow Up which will allow your skin to be all the more radiant with health 😉
    • Don’t forget the eyes contour It is particularly sensitive in winter and essential for a good look.

But as much water as when it’s very hot, get enough sleep to help cell renewal, ventilate and exercise to activate blood circulation, even if it’s cold ; ) … and your winter will be bright!


Why oOlution?

« I firmly believe that the cosmetic industry needs a real and good fix of disruption. There are countless beauty products out there and yet they’re all the same : based on the same so called miraculous active principles supposed to fulfill the deeply complex needs of the skin by itself. This is absolutely unrealistic, it’s plain and simple common sense. More over, this industry multiplies potentially dangerous synthetic ingredients regardless the human health or the environment. My dream was to offer perfectly healthy, smart formulas that adapt to the evolutive and individualized needs of the skin. It also was really important to me that the skincare line would be affordable. And off course, absolutely no artificial ingredient or filler but a great diversity of all natural active ingredients. »

« Creating a brand that would be a sincere and deep ethical commitment towards the planet, humans and animals. To me, any entrepreneur of the XXI century has the duty to question its social and environmental impact and make every effort in order to be a part of the solution, have a positive impact to the world.  Every discussion, every wake-up call is a victory to me! Inintiating a trustworthy relationship and sharing knowledge to the community is a great satisfaction. Beyond being a plain and simple brand, oOlution aims to bring as much people as possible to the path of a sustainable way of living. »

In the media 

Today, Anne-Marie is acknowledged as an active innovative entrepreneur in France. She’s been a columnist for “L’entreprise BFM” on the radio BFM business since february 2014 tackling entrepreneurship matters. She is also a member of the the expert panel of the french media Fé, on wich she publishes advice. She is now the new face of the beauty segment in the rising show “La Quotidienne” on national television.

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