How Tap Water Can Trigger Disruptive Skin Conditions

Your tap water could be the reason for your chronic skin condition – I have worked with many people over the years on their hair and skin issues and when a customer or client is struggling to determine the root cause of chronic acne, severe dry skin, rosacea inflammation and/or extreme sensitivity and/or dull, dry, brittle damaged hair conditions and we have seemingly addressed all other aspects necessary for optimum skin health including diet, stress, exercise/circulation, allergens, and lymph health – I request they stop using tap water to cleanse their skin, and switch to Oil Cleansing without water – meaning not massaging tap water onto skin for removal of oil cleanser and not removing the oil with tap water-soaked washcloth – using a dry cloth.

This has been the answer to restart the skin’s natural healing process  – by removing the contaminated tap water, the inflammation response calms and the skin’s immunity and acid mantle/protection and balance are restored. In some cases, skin health is restored by a proper water filtration system or cleansing with distilled or bottled spring water – but often, ceasing all water can be very effective because all water cleansing causes trans epidermal water loss. 


• Back to tap water – 2000 kinds of toxic chemicals have been found in our water supply.

• Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilizers – Are toxic and extremely harmful to human, animal and environmental health, carcinogenic and terrible for skin, causing contact dermatitis, rashes and triggering scalp conditions and eczema and many other possible conditions.

• Hard water – calcium, lime and heavy minerals break down the acid mantle, can cause irritation, redness, and triggering eczema and build up on hair causes breakage and dehydration.

• Pharmaceuticals – Prescription medication is in most major cities water. Antibiotics, mood drugs, hormones, etc. All toxic contaminants and horrible for our health and skin.

• Chlorine – Used to treat most tap water so the EPA doesn’t consider it a contaminant and it causes itchy, red, irritated skin and breaks down the protective acid mantle on the skin and scalp and dehydrates hair, strips color, and causes severe damage to follicles among many other possible side effects.

• Chromium 6 – Found in most tap water in the US to some degree and a known, proven carcinogen – can cause allergic reaction on skin, rashes, and many other possible disruptions and dangers to our health and wellbeing.

• Fluoride – Added to most of the water supply, we are told it is for “public health” to support oral hygiene – which is completely ludicrous and a lie – the FDA isn’t trying to help us have healthy teeth. Fluoride is a neurotoxin.

Obviously, our unsafe water is a huge risk for our health daily beyond disrupting our skin, scalp and hair balance, as many of these toxins accumulate in our bodies. Our homes ideally need to have quality water filtration. Though it can be expensive, Carbon filtration combined with Reverse Osmosis is ideal. Preferably Coconut Shell Carbon as it’s made from a renewable resource and most Carbon filters are made from coal. Carbon filters will remove pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine but the carbon will not take out fluoride and nitrates, which Reverse Osmosis will remove. I know it’s a lot of information and a bit overwhelming – the best thing we can do is make sure we have some form of filter on our showers and for our drinking water and change the filters often. There are many cost-effective water filters for every budget as well.

“The vast majority of the nation’s drinking water supplies get a passing grade from federal and state regulatory agencies. However, many of the 250-plus contaminants detected through water sampling and testing are at levels that are perfectly legal under the Safe Drinking Water Act or state regulations, but well above levels authoritative scientific studies have found to pose health risks.”


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