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Adriana Ayales and the Ethereal World of Anima Mundi: A Blend of Tradition, Healing, and Alchemy

Anima Mundi is not just a brand; it is a living entity birthed from the [...]

Meet Moringa: The timeless powerhouse of nature

Moringa, often termed the 'miracle tree', has an incredible lineage tracing back to over 4,000 [...]

(Recipe) Vegan Rose Ice Cream Sandwich

Delve into a transcendent blend of fragrant rose-infused ice cream, gracefully seated between two soft [...]

Six steps for daily liver cleansing

Does your liver need cleansing? Cleanse trends seem to be ubiquitous these days. According to Judith [...]

The Magic of Frankincense: A Fragrant Bridge to Ancient Healing

When you hear the word "Frankincense," what comes to mind? For many, it's a distant [...]

(Recipe) The Power of Probiotics and an Easy, Delicious Kraut Recipe

In the vast world of wellness, one thing remains unchallenged: the importance of live probiotics. [...]

9 Deities of Medicine, Healing + Health Around the World

Historically, figures like Apollo, Asclepius, Artemis, Eileithyia, Hera, Hygieia, Iaso, and Panacea - all Ancient [...]

(Recipe) Dandelion Quiche with Golden Moon Milk

Introducing the delightful Dandelion Greens Quiche with Golden Moon Milk—a unique and nourishing recipe that [...]

(Recipe) A summer delight: Adaptogenic Hummus + Lettuce Wraps

One of the greatest secrets to getting silky, creamy (and non-watery) hummus is a food processor. Seriously, [...]

How to regulate Blood Sugar Levels

As we embrace the vibrant season of summer, the time of indulgence is certainly upon [...]

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