Shaman Shack Herbs

shaman shack herbs

With Shaman Shack Herbs, you’ll be able to enjoy the highest quality, organic, fair trade herbs and superfoods. The company specializes in pre-Taoist herbal formulations that are great for cultivating high levels of energy, mental clarity and wellness. They work with their ingredients carefully, which is how they’re able to provide products that don’t contain unnecessary fillers or preservatives.

What is Shaman Shack Herbs?

Shaman Shack Herbs is a brand with all-natural herbal products that are formulated to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality, affordable and effective herbal remedies that help people to live healthier and live a more balanced life. Shaman Shack Herbs’ products are designed to be used both preventatively and therapeutically. 

The history of Shaman Shack Herbs:

Brynn Booth and Rehmannia founded Shamanic Shack Herbs in 2011 after meeting in 2007. Both business partners developed products that support health, happiness, longevity and transformation in our modern world based on their years of experience and education. While Brynn continued to build the company, Rehmannia focused on his new passion of writing. In addition to being trained in pre-toaist herbology, Brynn has been involved in alternative medicine for over 14 years.

Today, Shaman Shack Herbs continues to serve communities around the world, providing high-quality products and outstanding educational information with a focus on quality. There are so many people who can benefit from the wisdom of Toaist herbology, and other eastern medicine systems in the West that are just beginning to break the surface.

The benefits of using Shaman Shack Herbs:

Shaman Shack Herbs is a all-natural, sustainably-sourced brand. Their products are free of harmful chemicals and toxins. The products are potent and effective, with a wide range of uses for both physical and mental health.

Some of the many benefits of using Shaman Shack Herbs include:

  • Improved overall health and well-being
  • Boosted immune system
  • Reduced stress levels and improved relaxation
  • Increased energy levels and improved stamina
  • Improved mental clarity and focus

The products of Shaman Shack Herbs:

  1. Daily Nutritives: An inidividual’s nutrition serves three basic functions; it contributes to body structure, it gives you energy and/or regulates chemical processes. In addition to detecting and responding to our surroundings, these basic functions allow us to move, excrete waste, breathe, grow and reproduce. So nutritives are of course a necessity. 
  2. Powered Extracts: The pure Tonic herbal powered extracts are closely compacted in substance. It only takes a little to make a big difference. The herbal powderd extracts are pure and uncut, with a ratio of 10:1, meaning that one pound of raw herbs is converted into 10 pounds of dried powered extracts.
  3. Chakra Formulas: The herb in these whole-herb formulas are known by Chinese health authorities to tonifty and strengthen the organs and glands associated with each chakra. The 7 Chakras are: Base, Sacral, Power, Heart, Breathe, Mind and Crown.


Shaman Shack Herbs is a brand that offers an array of ethically sources and sustainably  grown herbs. Their products focus on natural healing, wellness, stress relief and detoxification. They are commited to prouding quality products, so give them a try!

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